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Default Re: Check your email!

Originally Posted by Harper View Post
Hello folks,

checking it wont make the email appear, I have asked this already in lots of ways but....

Why do I have to ask for an invitation? Isnt an invitation offered?

Karen I am hoping at least you will have the decency to answer me.

Thanks everyone
I'm not spending much time here Harper - I am totally burned out.
I quit as moderator. I'm just helping still to sort out a few things.
I'm real annoyed at this information black out and I haven't been in the info loop much since I quit, but I'm thinking I'm going to be finding some answers.
I think Ross said it best and most concisely:
"There will be only a very small few who wont make the invite list due to persistent un-constructive behaviour. "

With 7000 people to sort through - if you want to get into AV2 faster, ask for an invite.
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