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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
Thanks, Guys -

As you'll already know, I feel pretty strongly about nonsensical information and open deception which (in my opinion) makes our collective job harder when there's already so much obfuscation from the Powers That Be.[Mod Note: Please help us out and trim longer quotes - the arrow at the top of the quote links to the full original.]

Trotsky did his best work when he realised he was under attack.

I agree that you need to engage with the stuff that 'energises itself' onto here, but in the wider scheme let it go..It is there to distract you..You need to laugh about it more or pack a bit more tin foil under the ole hat.

Agree with the Greer analysis he is 'taken'. As is Abx.....

I don't like Burns either...

Bill that neutrino goes both ways...Are you watching?

If you need cash go to Robbie Williams he's really up for it.

From what I can see you need a couple of days by the lake.



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