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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

I've had a lot of interesting experiences in this last couple years. I directed my higher self to provide for me to encounter things which would accelerate my growth and open my awareness to what was going on, which I could sense, but not discern properly. I supplied these opportunities to myself in spades. Almost uncomfortably in volume, at times. I doubled my comprehension several times over just the last year. But I've not experienced anything like what I witnessed taking place in this thread as it occurred.

So I do in fact confirm my own seeing of these events for what they were. I wasn't here as a participant, as were some others. I was here to watch, and understand what was taking place during this process.

I saw a great challenge issued, and I saw many answer that challenge. The challenge was not to change at anothers behest, but to change at our own behest. This was a co-creation from the get go. This process ran both directions the whole time. We were creating and feeding it from this end just as it was feeding the process from the other end. I saw archetypes come alive in people. Some which had lain dormant for thousands of years. This is the level of power to change everything resting on top. The root level which shapes everything which manifests along that template. I saw people invited to examine these primal archetypes within themselves, and to change them, or not. Release their hold, or not. We've created a new model here. This is why it felt so foreign while strangely familiar.

I won't lie to you and say I can assure anyone this process has been/will be safe. I've never thought that, and I don't think it now. Of course on some level, there is really nothing that can happen to you that you can't shrug off. But the closer the various structures you wear come to this earthly world, the more fragile they are.

I don't know if there is a hidden play taking place, which is using this process to forward it's own ends. I haven't clearly discerned that beyond the point of not being able to confidently dismiss it. But I personally find it worth the risk, and trust that my discernment will be up to it at any points where it needs to be.

I suspect that some consciousness stood to gain concomitantly with our potential gains, on some sort of a symbiotic reverse vector, if that makes any sense. In other words, I sensed an unrevealed agenda, but sensed at the same time that the energy was win/win, rather than win/lose. Many here sensed the opposite. A win/lose energy playing out. And undoubtedly still see it that way. And of course they could be right, although that would REALLY surprise me to have been that wrong.

The magnitude of what I've watched play out, is of a scale that could change the whole game. The potential here, was to change everything. And I've been wanting for everything to change, so that's a fit. It was like a microcosm of the overall shift taking place, in extremely sped up form, and in a way that would allow/force itself to continue to unfold into the larger reality. the process was discounted by some on the basis of it's having happened here. Why here on Avalon, some asked. That was a stroke of genius. Not an "aha...gotcha" moment for some skeptic. Avalon is a place with some tremendous beings, who have really no idea of just how great and powerful they are. Beings who have been driving the changes in consciousness just by working on their own selected processes. Beings who have been creating the neural, mental, emotional, archetypical, energetic etc pathways to blaze the trail for the next wave of humanity to wake up to what's available for us right now. You get a handful of these types of beings to shift their view of how they relate to the universe and how it relates to them, and the seeds are sown for everything to change. The is like a thought form meme, but on a causal level.

I've never really paid any attention to the bible, but the coming to life of the archetypes therein described were stunning. They affected not only those who've studied and followed the bible. The ancient archetypes of previous incarnations, like Dragons, were even more shocking.

Since waking up more or less fully, I've had the odd facility of having a pocket of time running backwards for me, while the whole pocket moves forward. Like a backwards running loop which is moving forward. So I end up having most of my answers preceding my questions. Most of my solutions preceding my problems, etc. The reason I bring this up, is because in keeping with that phenomneon, I had my Dragon experience some week or two before The Thuban arrival on Avalon. This is why I sat up straight and got out my scribes tools when the announcement was made. A big AHHH. What happened was I was working on my processing, which for me involves simply grabbing any trigger that can snag a hook in my lip. A recent one was the uber control factor of Government and other societal control structures. In other words, I was having control issues. Controlling/ being controlled was the polarity in charged up condition. After examining the exact make up of what the trigger was, I immediately returned to run a past life as a dragon. I was a dragon. My role was slave driver. The slaves were humans, or human types. Now I'm as fully human right now as any of you are. But I was fully dragon in that life, and I was able to get inside my head and feel what it was like. And taste the archetypes in play (which when I saw Abraxasinas laying them out in metaphor, caused me to sit up even straighter). I could take the attitudes I had at the time, and examine them and compare them to how I look at things now. I could sense and feel how the hierarchies worked for my then species, and I could feel the lack of compassion I held for the property class humans. I tasted all of these things while searching for the causes for the electrical and magnetic charges which held the must control/must not control...must be controlled/must not be controlled polarity quad I was working on apart and in charged condition. This was episode one. Episode two was even more amazing.

When I finished examining this period to my satisfaction and still had not discharged the polarity, I went looking for more. It was then I encountered the Dragon Queen. It's hard to describe this awesome creature. She was so beautiful. So elegant. So BIG. I'd guess she was a good quarter mile long. Her eyes were stunning. She was regal. She was travelling through space, between the stars, without a ship. She needed no craft to traverse space. As I approached her, the natural greeting which presented itself was "hello mother". We caught up in just a few seconds, telepathically. Her regard for me was warm and loving. the Dragons of this time (millions of years ago) were only cold and uncaring towards those who were not them. I then had to tell her why I was there. I told her that I had decided to pursue an existence which was on a path to return to the love and light of the creator. I was back on a positive path and was abandoning the negative bent she's so carefully nurtured in me.

Well, she threw a tantrum which would have registered on the richter scale. She was thrashing at me with her claws, beating at me with her wings, snapping at me with her impossibly long and slender teeth (no fire breathing) and was letting out the more horrendous shrieks and squawks.

I then said I needed to ask her something. She calmed right down, and smiled and awaited the question. I asked her if she knew why she had turned to the dark energies in the first place. She thought for a moment, curious as to why it had never occurred to her to wonder about this, and immediately came up with the reason. Her face didn't reflect it, but her telepathic message was of embarrassment. She said a friend had basically dared her. She said that she had been told, while discussing something with this being that she would not be able to embody the concepts of dark orientation, Evil as perceived from outside, and proceeded to prove him wrong. She basically said "Oh yeah? just watch me, buster!!!" Simple as that. No more to it that that. whole star systems enslaved and who knows how many millions of dead and tortured beings later, and all on a dare.

I like to see an ending point when I work on something like this, and I didn't see one with her, so we explored a bit further. We traced it back to a predisposition related to her original separation incident for the creator of all that is. She left as an individuated God spark, with God's full blessing, and set off to discover herself as an individual. Then she simply forgot about it over time, like we all have. details tend to get away from you over the billions of years. Just like all of us, she forgot who and what she is, and where she came from and why. When she pieced this information back together, she became very cheerful and warm once again, and actually smiled at me, happily, and we exchanged our well wishes with one another, and our love and respect and went our separate ways once again.

I came out of this feeling very profound business had been done in that space and time. I felt that the change in her outlook, intention set, attitude, and orientation, had somehow had a profound effect on some level on the collective consciousness here on earth in the now time. That was when Archangel Michael came in and confirmed the shift which resulted in our energetics here because of the release of the potentials which never developed due to the Dragon Queen changing her attitude during that meeting millions of years ago. Dragonkind changed. She was the mother of all dragons. The history we carried in our racial and genetic and other memory types, were altered from that moment forward.

At any other time, memory of Dragons and their interactions with humans would have melted from our collective consciousness. But right now, everything has changed and nothing is set, past, present or future. So if we have a nasty dragon history on our timeline, it's because we are placing it there from here. All bets are off, and we are totally free to create anything we want, past present and future, including any of the pasts we have already experienced. This is why I've gone on endlessly about being positive and actively and consciously with full awareness and participation, creating the future we want, because we're going to get the future we are creating. You want dragons eating your kids? you got em. You want fema trains hauling you away? You got em. You want paradise, without money and oppressive control structures? You got em. The earth has just calved off an slightly higher vibration version of herself, which is in the 5th dimension, and it is being readied for us now, and guess who the architects are? You. and Me. and the guy sitting next to you. The the lady all worried about the NWO she needs to fight. And the the guy who sees not fellow humans, but cloned aliens who've replaced them. They are helping you design our new earth. And of course the old earth remains for those sitting there chasing rabbits and saying nothing happening here. see? nothing is changing.

I know of several other people who have taken such seemingly innocuous actions as described in my Dragon Queen story, which have changed the whole flavour of reality. It's not a joke when we are described as little Gods or creator beings. We are. And the governors are off. Our full creativity is available to us now. And when we harmonize our creations to bring them into resonant alignment with other creator beings like ourselves, we form new realities or timelines. I time travelled to visit with the Dragon Queen. but it was now for me, and then for her, and all the intervening time, played out. That's what multidimensionality is. The normal rules don't apply. Your not dreaming this. This is real. That dense stuff sitting there outside your eyes and looking touchably thick, is the illusion.

So as you can imagine, I was both surprised and not at all surprised when Abraxasinas showed up with tales of Dragons which will facilitate our return to our long forgotten higher dimensional natures. natures not of evil and hatred. But natures of love and wisdom. The Dragons changed, and it was a retroactive change. I know those "invested" in the game of Dragon slayer will view this from a different angle, and that's fine. All angles add perspectives which can only enrich understanding.

So my task has been to watch and understand the process so that it could become an established path to our godhood, once it was travelled a few times. And a few of our incredibly brave brethren and sisters here, have so ably blazed the trail for others to follow.

This isn't THE path back to oneness. It's A path to oneness. And synchronistically, Malletzky also had a major clarification on the subject of the oneness, just prior to the Thuban arrival. And I'm sure others will make similar connections between some work they'd been doing coming to fruition just in time for them to fulfill their agreed upon role in this recent activation/opening.

I'd initially thought we'd lost a priceless opportunity when a couple of those engaged in the process decided it should stop. I'm still not clear whether a better outcome is created now, during the rebalancing, or whether a better outcome would have manifested had the process been permitted to play itself out on it's own interactive/co-creative terms. I suppose it doesn't really matter at this point, because the reality we have surrounding us, is the one we created.

the next question is, where will we go from here? it's up to us, and everything is on the table. And our creative tool chests are full of all the adamantine particles we can possibly use.

Love to you all.
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