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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by SteveX View Post
Oh gracious Abrax

I have a question. Considering you have been given a fair go here... your thread opened and a private-ish area. Was there any need for this?

Quote Abrax
So any form of skepticism and ridicule or innuendo questions will become reflected to yourselves as yourselves, as will your indications to process and assimilate my prospective answers to your questions.

Iow, it will become a 'ordinary' discourse of Q&A without any exterior superpositioning of your inner archetypes.

Like in the marvellous chatroom of Gaia Love and Celine, in which I had a bit of fun in as Anubis; any questions you might pose will be like in the chatroom; colloquial and without the images of devouring dragons or similar.
Consider the photograph of TonyB. on my Profile to be the One you are addressing any questions to.
I have however 'eaten' my dragon and with help from Richard and Celine the false Devil-Images have become trapped within themselves.

Or are you devilishly taking the ****=ssip.
No no Steve X; the statement simply means whatever IT is 'yin or yang'
is mirrored back, like the idea of karma, to the sender. There is NEVER any judgement in anything in the old Q&A or this reopening. This is now VERY different from before. Cant you see the colloquiality?
Give me a break and lets have some fun. I'm not commander Swanny you know.
I'll get technical when required, but most of this here is to interact and answer Q when they come up.
No more tension relax dear friend.

You have attained a very high percentile in the 'test' on the minus side. So should the Thuban material pan out , well you know.

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