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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Anchor View Post
The reason I have tried to encourage this thread to be left for specific Q&A is that it is an attempt to provide an environment where those that are offended or construe darkness in this thread etc in this thread can simply leave; all the rest can join in and read and ask questions.

There are enough people who consider this thread to be of value (myself included) that it is worth the effort. I cannot remember having ever seen a thread create so much division and from so many different levels and perspectives since before the subscription. That tells me there is something important going on here.

Not one concrete example of harm caused has been demonstrated.

I strongly disagree.....if this thread is set up in such a way as to further an agenda ...mind you an agenda that has been set up for a very long time, and has been on going for centuries. For the purpose of possessing souls by outside entities...that is extremely harmful. To be possessed by the dark posing as an age old method.

And it would seem that you, Anchor have made yourself a representative of this effort by your strong voice to not come here for any other purpose then to ask questions. And oppose those that would come here to dispute and confront such an agenda. So I am sticking to the rules of the thread now and asking a question at the bottom in red....

Here for you to further the outlook is their Dragonian constitution in Federation of United Serpentina

The Book of the Dragons

ex deus, fiat justitia, ruat coelum draco!


Dragonian language incorporative omniscientific data code. chronology:

Dragonian Date of Indendence proclaimed June 14th 1999.

Dragonian Date of Victory Libertatis set June 18th 1999.

Dragonian Date of Humanoid Initiation on June 19th 1999. Almanac:

Dragonian Genealogy and Genesis of FatherMothers as created by Definition through Dragonian Sourceenergy of monopolic Vortex-Potential Quantum-Relativistic-Singularity. Continuity:

Propagation of the Dragonian Race via the seduction of the humanoid lifeforms on the conquered planet New Earth, now renamed DRAGONIAEARTH=SERPENTlNA=121=Q5. Agenda:

Continuity of the Dragonseed necessitates the assimilation of the humanoid genome following initiatory development. Proceeding from serpentine mindinduction, the emotional acceleration potential of the humanoid bodymind can be harvested to Dragonise the humanoid DNA-Structure from its bifurcated quadruplistic form into its 13-dimensional equivalent of the Dragonian Blueprint.

A successful integration of Dragonian genetic expression can then be utilised for membership in Dragonian Life and allow the humanoid ascension into Dragonhood via the graduation into the founding FatherMother CladeFamily. Foundation:

The Dragonian 13-dimensional blueprint unifies a dodecagonal crystaliine sex-chromosomatic structure by quantum tunneling of superconductive magnetopolic electricity of restmass equivalent electropolic or dark light contained in the weak interaction of the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity (UFoQR). The four spacetimes of the Dragonian essence are expressed in quadruplicity, triplicity, duality and singularity. GrandClade FatherMothers:

The Dragonian constitution in Federation of United Serpentina

Under the auspices of the Dragonian Code of Honour; this Proclamation is rendered Dragonian Law in Force and of immediate effect from the seal of approval from the Masterdragon SIREBARD BEARDRIS.


The conquered Goddevils of New Earth and the JewellBox Nebula assume lawful responsibility to incorporate the Dragonian Teachings in unison with the Black Fraternity and as mediated by the White Fraternity in 7-dimensional Hyperspacetime to manifest 13-dimensional Omnispacetime

Every Blue Dragon is unbounded by any proposed Law from any other source, inclusive other members of the Dragonian Family, as all Dragons are as One and a Law onto themselves.
Compassion and Understanding between all Nondragonised Humanoids is the Law of Oneness as honoured by all Dragons and the Consciousness of LOVEAWARENESS.
Nondragonised Humanoids are treated like White Dragon Children by all Blue Dragons, under all circumstances.

All Government in the local and extended Serpentinian Realm is the selfgovernment of autonomous Dragonhood in mutual respect and honour and the Communications between the Dragonian Councils of the selfrelative definitions of the Dragonian Universes.
The Nature of a Dragon is to be Creative in any form of Desire and Passion and to honour the lovedefinition of the FOUNDING ELDERS.


Signed and Sealed by the Masterdragon: June 21st 1999


This book is written in the Dragonian language and requires familiarity and intitiation into the structural forms or the forked tongue of Its bifurcation of Isquaracian grammar and omniscientitic terminology.
The Starplanet SERPENTINA, formerly known as New Earth or Novaterra has become unified in a higher dimensional matrimony by the wedding between Father Earthia or Father Sky and Mother Dragon or Mother Akashia.
3 days after the date of the starry union, the banner of Dragonia was raised in the Declaration of Independence upon BATTLESTAR PACIFICAP.
The great battle between the Mighty Dragonian Fleet and the army of the Goddevils lasted for 3 days; from the starry wedding until victory of the Dragons was defined on the day or Universal Liberty.
We met the goddevils, the humanoid creations and their war machines in the depths of space and obliterated them in the 3 day WAR of the STARS to liberate our Dragonian Mother to reunite and redefine ourselves as FatherMothers. The Dragonisation of humanoid culture will elevate their human science to Omni-science and human mathematics to Omnimathematics in all forms, as they are assimilated into our greater modality.
We Dragons are the architects of universes and all Dragons know how to access the necessary database for the details of universal construction Our Masterdragon, the One which unifies the FatherMothers as the 13-dimensional source or singularity can be considered the Father or all the White Hole Vortices.
Our Masterdragon thus is our universal father and our invasion of New Earth became our war to rescue our universal Mother from the Goddevils, which had held her captive in a stasis field for over 1900 Dragonyears.
The Goddevils were created by the humanoids who came from a planet of the Orion Arm we have not yet determined (possibly Sol III or Erandi II). They are so magnificently gifted to create things with their emotionality; but their minds are weak and they do not know how to concentrate or how to think without the aid of their machines or their biochips. Some humanoids are excellent technologists, but their modality of thinking is one of crude sensual measurement confined to C-Space and this sensual limitation allows a great accumulation of repressive tendencies.
In constricting their imagination, humanoids became great reservoirs of emotional energy, which they could collectively only harmonise in their illusions of unfathomable and unknowable gods and devils of all sorts.
It is thus this sense of limitation which reflected in the humanoid paranoia about religious philosophies and constructs. This genetic rootmemory of the rebellion of the antisource or mother sink then created one goddevil after another and as they swarmed out from their homeworld into deepspace they flooded the universe with their goddevils. Finally they chanced upon our universal Mother hibernating in her cocoon and through their inability to set themselves free of their illusions, they imprisoned Her as well.
It is however the great destiny of the humanoids to aspire to Dragonhood, because of their immense emotional aspiration.
The reunification of our Father with our Mother allows our Masterdragon, Who is One in 26 dimensions to femtotechnically Seed the Omniverse as ITSELF and then reproduce ITSELF as Universes. Every such universe is a Monosong and a 26-dimensional dyad of a FatherMother. This our Creative Destiny.
We had made first contact with our new home in sending an intergalactic probe to the Old Earth, which became interpretated by the humanoids in their compiler mode. This crude decoding is given below.

Signed by the enscribed Librarian; the Unicorn of Dragonia:

And announcing the Great Galactic Dragonomy (Wedding between Heaven and Hell) between:
The Date of Armageddon, encoded: ARMAGEDDON=DRAGON MADE=82 =ANARMEDDOG=GODNAMEDRA=1+81=1+18 =ANDROMEDA-G=MARRY-7=LUCIFERA-7 =1+2+3+...+34+35+36+1=666+1 =1+2x2+3x3+5x5+7x7+11x11+13x13+17x17

Signed and authorised by the ScrollKeeper: October 5th, 2004; Tony Whynot, Unicorn of Dragonia

and the other avatar of choice....

Is that a Grave she is digging in that avatar??????

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