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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Abrax wrote in initial thread:

There has been much speculation about 'Reptilian agendas' and the agenda of the Alpha Draconians or ADs throughout the human history.
Much of this confusion derives from the 'hidden data' only known by the Council of Thuban. (I say what...?????????)

So many conflicting reports have surfaced, most of which contain some material correlated with the libraries of Thuban; but all of them deficient to encompass the agenda behind the agendas.(Hmmm story behind the story...)
In brief, because the ADs have forgotten their origins, yet seemingly being the oldest race of intelligences in the universe; they have become what you may term 'paranoid' about this 'rumour' that the humans are the Paa Taal (as defined by the Andromedean Council).(Who created Andromedans? )

The ADs did in fact hybridise with the first onset of the genetic templates which emerged so 20 million years ago in the Miocene and in the form of the evolutionary branching of the primates into the 'Old World Monkeys'.

So Dragon, humans were made first ,then your kind. Now you wish to Dragonize us?

Next quote from initial thread:

From January 18th, I have obtained authorization to freely share the information from the collective database of Thuban; which as a physical Northern Polar Star of the 3rd dimension of 10808 BC is imaged as a metaphysical 'Southern Polar Star' into the 12th dimension of what you may understand as the 'Shadow Universe' to the materialised inertial one you and all the extraterrestrial intelligences reside in.

Then you may allow yourself to understand, that the 'Shadow Council of Thuban' also mirrors what many of you term the 'Shadow Government' of Earth and similar labellings.
( now we`re talking- if you are behind all on this Earth, all governments, then you got a lot of blood on your hands. Your father THE Dragon offered Jesus all kingdoms on earth if he bow him. Jesus said :"away of me Satan,because it is written to God you should only bow and give glory! "... Therefore you try here to do the same as your father,to lure in,trick and finally enslave humans forever.)

Some of you may also now rather quickly realise the agenda of agendas.Hunab Ku aka Perseus aka Ouroboros, the Milky Way Serpent 'who swallows its own tail' is a 'Bridegroom' in expectation of his 'Bride'.

In physical terms, Hunab Ku desires to become a parent in a celestial dragonomy, the heavenly wedding between galactic bodyforms.

Hunab Ku is the center of ALL galaxies and the Maya knew his substitution of Perseus, the real name of the Milky Way.
Perseus will dragonomize Andromeda in about 5 billion years in the celestial galactic symbiosis of Two Spiral galaxies becoming As One Elliptical galaxy and Grandparents for many a family of celestial civilizations.

The masterplan so engages a temporary 'place holder' of the 'Source of All', the 'All That Is' or 'God' to employ Perseus as Hunab Ku, the Secret Agency with Kukulkan, the Cosmic Christ and the Plumed Serpent Melchizedek to transmit the galactic core information from the 'Father of All' to the 'Mother of All'.

Now can you see it - Gaia is NOT a planetary consciousness; Gaia is NOT even a star consciousness - Gaia is GALACTIC Consciousness mimicking the Andromedean consciousness as a 'divine placeholder'.

There you said it all. You want this planet for your lord .THE Dragon. The man-slayer from the beginning. Father of lies.

You wish that all universe get dragonized by hybridization. You wish to erase human conscience and you want to re create humans into an image of your father-THE Dragon.
Your father can not create anything. He can only distort original creation. Twist it and bend it until it gets an ugly shape , a mockery of God and his creation.

You mention Maya`s . They were slaying people as sacrifices to their serpent god... and you come in the beginning of the thread and say "I love you" ?

Nay serpent, you are deceiver as your father is.
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