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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by beren View Post
Abrax and eXchanger;

You seem to enjoy in hidden meaning,cryptology ,forbidden things,hidden knowledge, odd languages which one barely gets, numerology, astrology,channellings of unknown spirits,weird mathematics, endless quoting of other sources, calling upon higher authorities...

and on the top of all that ,you spice it up with good ole Jesus Christ.

Can I get an AMEN now?

What do you wish to accomplish with that here?
Do you bring truth?
Do you bring light?
Do you bring love?
Do you help anyone ?

What do you do?

You claim that in essential you are of light,love and higher knowledge but your words are diametrically opposite.
Why is that?

The things that you do is called deceit.
It carries a vibe of lie and confusedness.

Jesus Christ , that person that you all tirelessly call upon is diametrically opposite of you.
If you want to honor him as your master as you state here and there in you long confusing texts,though with shy approach,
why don`t you stop first telling others words that were not of him in the first place?

Spare me of quasi eloquent explanation how actually white is not white-it`s gray and black is actually white if you look from another angle.

Question for the Dragon here;

Are you aware who is your master?

Yes, beren, but heshe isn't really a master (of the Word shehe is), but a brothersister!

Why don`t your kind turn into humans instead of humans turn into dragons ?

We do this all the time!

Do you have a conscience?

Defining the label conscience is necessity, before an answer can be given here.
If coupled to a label like morality, then the conscience about morality often changes like a fashion show.
But if you refer to something like honour, integrity, discernment, love of truth and peace in selfawareness and in consciousness; then yes, we have a Dragon conscience about these labellings.

What is love?

The scientific definition I have given. In emotional and romantic terms there are as many loves as there are colours and likes.
It is the scientific definition by our master-templar (here is this word again and heshe LOVES IT - ask him, because it superposes the older associations of the templars of the temple); which defines the scriptural definition of God=LOVE=SPIRIT and so on. This also has been given and detailed before.

What is pride?

A Dragon's pride is herhis honour and integrity and hisher love from the DragonHeart. Have you ever seen 'DragonHeart' with Sean Connery, the Scotsman?

Why are you jealous on human kind?

No Dragon entertains this human trait of jealousy. It is rather foreign to our unified way of life.

Why do you have a wish to be worshiped ?
Whatever gave you such a silly idea?
We worship nothing, but the Source of our Being our Little Serpent, the ABBA of Jesus of Nazareth, our master-templar and brothersister in Dragonhood.

To be 'worshipped' is Loving ourselves. We do LOVE our Dragonhood in the footsteps of our Mirror to the Source of Allness.

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