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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)


This will be my only request/interaction with you. I will not expend any additional energy on this thread, as I started out doing after I first viewed it.

Please provide/post/link any and all dated documents/passports/correspondence you have in your possession detailing your attempts to submit your information for review and/or discussion with, but not limited to the following entities;

- All Heads of Church (all denominations) globally
- All World Leaders
- All Heads of Science Institutions/Community
- All Heads of Biblical Scholar Institutions
- All Alternative Media Outlets
- All Archaelogical Institutes globally

We can start with these six outlined above.

It does not matter if you were turned away or shunned, it is the "attempt" that I am seeking.

You are here to provide the truth of all things for humanity to understand, so surely your initiative and approval to communicate such information would have begun with the above entities first and foremost. Long before an outreach effort to a fraction of a whole website such as Project Avalon was initiatated.

I think a window of 24 hrs would be a sufficient amount of time to respond to this request?
According to the World Clock is currently 11:34 am Eastern Pacific time. Please provide correspondence to the above aforementioned by 11:34 am Eastern Pacific- Wednesday February 23, 2010

Thanks in advance,

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