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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Greetings Abrax,

An impressive thread you got going on here. What I like about it, is that it isn't strictly a work of a lazy mind with the copy and paste method. You also seem overly accommodating. Not saying that is bad. But to say it mildly I am slightly confused here as to why at this date and time, the council you are affiliated with has decided to put this information out there.

Since I am now in the den of a Dragon, with a Dragon with what seems to be of a great heart, I would also like to ask why this is such a familiar place to me? It would seem like I have been in several of these dens and although my memory goes way back, it would also seem this is like business as usual.

If I know anything about Dragons, it is the swapping of the stories that rarely occur between a Dragon and a human. And yet here you are swapping many stories to many a human.

Mind you, I haven't come here to disrupt or interrupt your thread here with any malice intent. But forgive my curiosity. In all of my memories, there are many that include Dragons, since the time of Antiquity. Most of those memories are horrific ones. Why the Creator allowed his creations to devour another creation has never been really answered for me since those times.

I watched humans get sliced and diced by the very claws of your kind. When I say your kind, I mean your kind as in your soul family in Creation. The very family that exists among us today.

But if I do anything today, in this post, is set something straight that really hasn't been discussed. Not many are even aware of the ramifications of this in this painting, as they may have only read about it, possibly. They have no experience to go by as a reference to even understand such knowledge unless it is conveyed to them as dark or light.

A Dragon is a Dragon. A Human is a Human. The soul fragments of each have a different matrix. Both are the Creator's creations. Both have had the same kind of road less travel as they both have also degenerated through the ages. There is a time where these two had to be completely separated from each other in the Universe. To the extreme that one was placed in this Universal polarity and the other was placed in it's Universal opposite polarity. For that matter, I don't think this has been written anywhere here on the Planet as it is not privy information. The reason why this was decided was to actually ensure the prospect of soul growth in some sort of progression. The Dragons were on the other side of this Galaxy in the other polarity. A great King was appointed and is still ruling today. Well, since the Dragons were separated from man, they had no one else to slice and dice, so they started slicing and dicing themselves. Factions broke off from the Kingdom and wanted their own Kingdom as it is the quest for power that will drive a Dragon mad. Kind of like giving booze to a Native American. The great King Dragon tried for eons to turn this plight around. But these factions that joined together as one, refuted against the King. So, it was decided that something had to be done, as these Dragons thirst for power, was killing this great kingdom. They were an uncontrollable menace. So they were gathered up and exiled through the center of our galaxy through the Black hole. Some know the rest of the story. The Orion war and so forth to this day in the now.

I have a speculation. I speculate that this council of yours is seeking favor with the humans at this time because of what is about to happen. You guys have a problem. And right now you are desperate because you know that your end is near. You think your soul group here will be possibly saved if in thinking that you can convince someone to see that you are worthy of saving by now trying to embrace the human faction. Like you are now doing us all a great big favor.

Let me put this in Black and White instead of Light and Dark. The fact is that your faction of the Dragons were exiled or banished from where you came from. No matter how your council tires to disguise it. And since that time, some of you tried to go back but couldn't. In other words, you saw the light as to what your King was saying, but you already had chosen your fate. It is the original sin that the dark chose to refute the Creator's wishes for all of his creations. Except this time your council and brethren repeated the same mistake with your King. So, to now appear in this date and time as such glorious beings is not going to change the original sin that your kind has perpetrated. And since that time of banishment, look at the karma, your soul group as now compiled. Imagine a pile of dragon dung that can fill up several sectors in this Universe.

With all of your brilliance and accomplishments that only served to satisfy your thirst for power, you have created your own black hole and it has been fed by the very energy you have fed it. And despite all the crimes against every outpost you have conquered in the quest for that power, you have more or less put the noose around your own necks. Your council's decision to not fully take responsibility by placing another agenda at the foot of the human race, is like getting the switch man ready to pull the switch on your noose floor.

You seemed to be a young Dragon by Dragon standards and well schooled. It is a shame because some of you have seen the light, but so many of your brethren have not, and you have become well out numbered by your own kind because you chose to see the light as to where they still refuse it. You, yourself might find the Creators grace when all this is said and done. There is a chance for you to save your brethren and one chance only. That chance has to do with your true King. It will not be achieved by your council or any other faction that has separated itself from your soul group that is currently here. I also know your brethren have a watchful on what you are doing here. They have no use for us human folk. Theirs eyes only show contempt for us to the extreme. Like that final look before the kill.

To make matters worse, in a matter of speaking, if your council and brethren decide to finally negotiate for your soul family's survival, a human has been appointed to assist in that process. The reason for that was to really test your resolve as to your true intentions. There is no more room for the scheming. It is no longer about your entitlement attitude and power. It is about your soul survival, period.

So I leave with this with you in hopes that you all make sense of this and know that it isn't all as you have so far put it. You left out some crucial things or maybe your own council kept it from you.

Also if that wasn't enough information for you to be motivated in any direction you choose, I have two more things of intrigue that might get your attention. One, the technology you have been seeking that was once here, that your kind had control of, because you stole it in the first place, is no longer in your possession as you know. Also any persons that you are possibility trying to find that may lead you back to that technology are also not within your council's reach. So you are wasting your time. Tell that to your superiors.

So, I hope our encounter was an interesting one for you, my Dragon friend. Notice I didn't complicate it with all the dragon dribble. It's complicated enough. And sure you can have me checked out if you like. I would advise that anyway. Spirit Matthew told me that my name is how the Universe knows me. He is a wise soul.

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