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Smile Re: For Henry Deacon, can we all offer our prayers to heal him

Dear Mark,

Wow, so many people in the UK are writing.

Thank you for your healing energies.

it IS a big struggle ... this body is not cooperating and am not sure what it will do next... possibly shut down... but that is 'life' here.

i hope we meet

Please continue the work of helping others... there are so many here who are lost in the ocean

Mark, i wish for you great happiness and health.


Hello to all, i apologise for apparent lack of engagement with this topic - simply i have been busy. The message above was sent to me from Henry himself. I have recieved alot of messages for many puzzled to siome extent with my original posting. Mr Deacon is whistleblower to secrets that all should know. Because of this he has experienced symptoms of what is best described as "punishment attack". Many have stood in the spotlight and bared all only to contract some serious illness shortly afterwards. Does this make sense? Those in power on this planet have done many negative things and risked us all in the process - they are the traitors of mankind. They give us away to such risks and wrongness whilst they look after themselves.

A prayer is not neccessary needed, you can visualise in your own way. The only thing is that we all focus with positve energy.

The colour orange represents enrergy, life, joy. What ever colour you choose, it will no doubt have meaning, this was my way of sending help. We all work differently but perhaps we should arrange to work together at a specified date/time as advised by others here.

Lets keep it going folks!

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