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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by rawtruth View Post
Um, sorry, Bill, you failed to answer the question. You accused Clif of hiring a Private Investigator and setting him on Bill Deagle. You claimed Clif admitted to doing this in an email to you. Clif has publicly and vehemently refuted your charge.

Your answer simply dodged the question.

Please answer it directly.

One would think a true gentleman would either provide proof of this email or else offer a public apology to Clif.
Why create unnecessary negative energy like this? Both cliff high and project camelot have good information. Why do you feel like you have to take a side and attack the other? Be the change you want to see. Do you want unity and fellowship or do you want bickering and division?
Your obviously a fan of cliff high who came to this forum to attack bill ryan. Why don't you have a look around this site with an open mind and educate yourself.
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