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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Phtha View Post
Perhaps Dragons sleep during the diurnal period.

I have a question about anomalies I've been seeing in clouds these last few years.
Very often I look up and see clouds filled with very light hues such as greens, pinks, and blues when the Sun hits them at certain times... they almost look like plasma clouds. I've always enjoyed looking at clouds so I'm pretty sure I would have noticed this before if it was happening. Any ideas what the cause is? Is the Sun giving off different sort of Rayes lately?

I have pictures I can upload later if needed.
The atmosphere often acts as a Newtonian prism Phtah.
Why is the sky blue on a clear day - because particular electromagnetic frequencies (or wavelengths) are absorbed by the (gas) particles of the atmosphere. The absorbed wavelengths refer to energies of blue light and then are 'scattered' (as Rayleigh Scatter).

Then the Cyan or skyblue colour (Frequency about 650 Terahertz for a wavelength of so 460 nanometers) refers to the fact that Blue light (having more quantum energy than Red light) oscillates faster than Red light and is scattered more so than the Red light.

There is only the one light as the Newtonian Optical Prism, but the different colours DIFFRACT in this scattering.

This scattering then increases towards sunset for a reddening sky, when the light must travel further to reach your eye receptor and the decreasing solar intensity causes the red scattering to 'outnumber' the blue scattering.

This then is the basic physics for the 'lights and colours' you are seeing.
Should an interdimensional object, say from the 6D hyperspace, interact with the 3D (Minkowski) spacetime metric; then this interaction will find priority in interD light interactions, before further densification occurs.

This derives from the fact, that the wavenature of any object must manifest its 'Standing Wave Harmonic', before its wavefunction can particularise.

For example, when you of mass m=70 kg, walk down the street at 5 kilometers per hour, your wavematter speed is vphath=1.4 meters per second and your 'wavelength' becomes a miniscule and physically unmeasurable h/mv~7x10^-36 meters.

Then using Einstein's formula: E=mc^2=Count{hf}=mcvphath for
the total energy contained in your mass being a collection of frequency selfstates relating your walknig speed of vphath=1.4 m/s or 5 kilometers per hour or so 3.1 miles per hour to the speed of light in the quantum state of your wavenature.

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