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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill ...

A couple of new questions for you please ...

I've just listened to the interview that you and Kerry recently took part in with Dr Bill Deagle on his Nutrimedical Report radio show. While listening, a particular thought came to me when I heard Kerry referencing a wealthy whistleblower (who she wouldn't identify) who she said, was interested in the idea of terraforming desert areas on Earth.

The thought that came to me was ... if people with substantial financial resources like this, who, through some form of developed personal interest are motivated to talk to yourselves about such positive activities for our planet, while at the same time being aware of the obvious and constant struggle that you and Kerry have to maintain enough of a financial foundation to let you do the global work that you do, and that which you want to do ... then why doesn't that person, or other people like that, ensure that Project Camelot has NO financial worries - ever!?! I just cannot believe that people like that would not have looked into WHO you are and WHAT and HOW you do what you do. This in itself leads to a credibility issue for me in terms of their information.

In my own mind, this would be an easy, painless and appropriate gesture for true supporters who have the means, to make.

The opposite is seemingly the case, where you and Kerry are constantly having to 'beg' the public for financial donations. This leads me to think that the lack of funding for Project Camelot from the financially well off 'so called supporters,' may be based on them only playing at being concerned and useful, while all the time being basically driven by tunnel vision profiteering and materialism. When I say 'profiteering' and 'materialism,' I don't only mean money, for as you know, there are many forms of working towards a self-serving advantage over others.

I am aware that you may feel the need to be cautious about what you say about funding support for Project Camelot, but I do find the reluctance from wealthy, seemingly transformed and enlightened individuals, even covertly, to support your work fully and effectively, to be hard to fathom out. I wonder if some of these 'potential' Financial Angels play with good hearted and committed people like yourselves, just to keep ahead in some game they think they are in??

The second, much shorter question ...

Are you willing to give your personal opinion on why such tragic delays are seemingly being experienced by the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, where for days now, those needy people have watched the aid coming in to the airport, but still apparently haven't received effective amounts of that aid through the UN and US Military controlled process that are apparently in place?

May you Bill, and Kerry, be continually watched over and protected ...
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