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Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Yes the 'Cosmic Christening' has occurred in the New Universal Archetype for the StarHuman Template being defined.

Its physical manifestation is the Gaian Rebirth.

Iow the AdamEve of the prespacetime creation has UNIFIED the Separation of the Adam+Eve archetype within the spacetime creation in its AdamEve+EveAdam blueprint within the spacetime creation.

The original Maleness of the Creator-Mind and the original Femaleness of the Creation-Body has blended with its Image to allow the Old (-)Mind to become a (-)MindBody(+) and allow the Old (+)Body to become a (+)BodyMind(-) then mirrored within spacetime in HEShe and SHEHe in the New Man and the New Woman Androgeny of the 2nd and 3rd Orders.

You mean the FALSE 'Cosmic Christening'

Oficial disclosure 1, MCEO Guardian Alliance, Interdimensional Alliance of Free Worlds for the rest of the disclosure

During the Load-Out Evacuation Cycle “200-year window” of open Ascension Star-Gates, will anyone who chooses to participate in Silver Seed Healing technologies be able to reclaim the ability of atomic Transfiguration for physical-biological Transmigration “Slide-Orb” Ascension to Higher Earth?
This is a “time-sensitive” question. During the Illuminati “Alpha-Omega/ Toral Rift Time Rip Alignment” peak of December 21, 2012, certain presently-dormant Metatronic “Alpha-Omega” Codes will activate within Earth’s Encryption Lattice, Halls of Amenti Star-Gates and geomagnetic field, initiating the third inorganic time-acceleration of Earth’s “wobble,” “precession of the equinox” cycle and two-thirds of Earth’s Encryption Lattice. Activation of the Metatronic Alpha-Omega Codes will cause the Illuminati Broadcast-NET in Earth’s geomagnetic field to partially blend with the corresponding Illuminati-NET of Parallel Earth, which will strengthen our Earth’s Illuminati-NET into an environmental electromagnetic Metatronic Time-Harness, within Earth’s geomagnetic field; this Metatronic Time-Harness is deceptively referred to, within some contemporary Death Science teachings, as the “Synthetic Christ Consciousness Grid” in Earth’s atmosphere. The activation of the Illuminati-NET Metatronic Time-Harness in Earth’s geomagnetic field will directly affect the DNA and existing biorhythms of all life-forms on Earth through the Epigenetic Overlay.
The greater quantum of the planetary Metatronic Time-Harness will override the smaller quantum of the existing Encryption Lattice, BPR and Epigenetic Overlay configurations of biological life-forms — and of the matter-base entrapped within the Metatronic Time-Harness — creating an automatic, environmentally induced inorganic time-acceleration/ vibration increase, Encryption Lattice BPR-deceleration/ drop, and corresponding biological-atomic Co-resonant Disharmonic Alignment with the Alpha-Omega Fall Path. The Illuminati’s 2012 Alpha-Omega Time-Harness/ “False Christ Consciousness Grid” activation will engage the biological-atomic structure to biochemically ensnare the embodied conscious awareness into the “perceptual harness” of Illuminati Broadcast-NET transmissions, and will cause the DNA Template and Encryption Lattice to engage the “Fibonacci spiral expansion” of the Metatronic Code. Once the Metatronic Code engages Fibonacci spiral expansion to the “55-Blending Ratio” within the Encryption Lattice, and creates corresponding Merkaba Field “55-speed acceleration,” the atomic structure and biological anatomy fall under the subjugation and dominion of the planetary Metatronic Alpha-Omega Time-Harness.

At the point of activation of the “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio” within the Encryption Lattice and DNA Template, any previously existing organic potential for biological passage through natural Ascension Star-Gates is permanently lost through critical-mass damage to the Encryption Lattice, DNA Template, chemical DNA and Epigenetic Overlay. With activation of the “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio” the “Common-man Blended DNA Mutation” becomes permanent, and human DNA becomes permanently transformed from that of the original eternal-life Angelic Human species genome, into the inorganic finite-life genetic imprint of a new Illuminati-Leviathan mutant-hybrid-human Fall-species, predestined to temporary subjugated dominance, and intended eventual extermination, by the Illuminati-Elder races to which its mutated Encryption Lattice is connected.

If the consciousness is ensnared within a biology that engages activation of the “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio,” the conscious-spirit will become entrapped within the Alpha-Omega Fall Alignment of the “False Christ Consciousness Grid” within Earth’s geomagnetic field — even following death of the physical body. No biological life-form on Earth would be spared this 2012–2013 environmentally induced biochemical-spiritual holocaust and resultant De-evolutionary Fall Path Alignment — the intention of the Illuminati Master Plan — if it were not for the intervention efforts of the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians.

During the Illuminati “Alpha-Omega/ Toral Rift Alignment” peak of the December 21, 2012 solstice, the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians will synchronize activation of their “Silver Seed Host Grid,” called the “Stardust Silver Seed Ascension Grid” of eternal-life Krystal-Consciousness, with the Illuminati’s Metatronic Time-Harness/ False Christ Consciousness Grid. Activation of the Genuine Ascension Path “Stardust Grid” will engage one-third of Earth’s Encryption Lattice and BPR with the organic, slower-moving time cycles of the Higher Earth Aurora Silver Seed Ascension Star-Gates; this engagement will remain until 2230 AD. There is nothing the Illuminati Force can do to prevent or override the direct intervention of the Guardians’ Stardust Silver Seed Ascension Grid; the Illuminati Force will discover the truth of this reality when they find that the Cataclysmic Pole Shift of Earth, which they are currently predicting for 2013–2015, does not occur as they plan. The Illuminati-Elder Force “Alpha-Omega False God-Head” will also discover around 2976 AD that their Master Plan Prime Objective of creating the Death Star Black Hole Universe is also doomed to fail, because in 2976 AD the Parallel Milky Way Alpha Black Hole System explodes — as an energetic consequence to their own actions — even before the Death Star Solar System is created. Eternal-life First-Creation “has a way of taking care of itself…eternally,” and this is why the Cosmos “simply allows”; this is a lesson that Illuminati Fall-groups everywhere would do well to learn. That which is eternal, remains eternal, and that which is not simply eventually destroys itself.


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