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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Just wanted to share something very strange. I just feel it has to do with this issue and this thread, so Abrax, I apologise if this is not the case. I would rather ask for "your" point of view here!

Yesterday evening, still 18.01.2010, I decided once again do a short meditation and ask "me/my higher self/my guidance/the creator" abouth this particular date. It worked well on the begning of this year, when I asked for guidance and was able to experience three extraordinary dreams/visions (described in the Thread "the concept of the unification")... I said to me why not, it's very well worth of asking.

Well, to my astonishment, I received a very, very unusual dream/vision...This is what I experienced, and I know it could sound a bit weird (but not for me, as I got my message):
Two came and acted as one. They showed me “the new” and “convinced” me to “buy” it, which I agreed. Later, both of them came again and acted as one again. They brought “the new”, but I recognised that they brought “the old”. Nevertheless, I “paid” the required, as this was the agreement.

So I stood there and “examined” the supposed “new”, which was actually “the old”.

The more I examined it, the more I knew that I don’t want it. I felt that “the two”, which acted as “one”, deceived me. The more I examined it, the “older” it became. Until I realised that NO, this is not what I was supposed to “buy”. This was not the part of the agreement.

Then come one and we were “two” that acted as “one”. The other one that came, he brought a key. This key should be able to open a "gate", which leaded to “someone” where both of us, acting as “one”, could “complain” about “the old”.

So we as “one” went “there” and saw that there are also some other there in front of a "gate"...but they had no key to open the gate. Just as I wanted to pull out my key and tell the other that we could all pass thru that gate and go to "that someone", I saw that the other manipulated another gate and were able to pass thru.

Both of us that acted as “one” wanted to join them, as we suddenly realised that they manipulated another gate, which would only be detour to "that someone”. So “I/we” stepped back and decided to use our key to open the real gate, knowing that “that someone” is already expecting us.


And here at that point, I woke up...

Anyway, I'm sure that I understand the "message"...but I still need to "feel" about it.


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