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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by Phtha View Post
Thanks, and yeah I figured such as every movement can be thought of as an agenda, but I was more referring to the manipulation of others to cause suffering. It seems to me that those involved in that game are in an endless circle until they themselves stop the manipulation. Above/below, manipulate/manipulated, kinda of like how we farm animals so we get farmed.

What type of being is a sphere of golden light (in this case about human size) that takes people to other planets in their dreams?

This is your own merkabah Phtah with a diameter the Sqrt(5)=X+Y for Y the Golden Mean and X=Phi and encompassing the Pythagorean Octagon.

Maybe and odd question but.. Did Angelic beings or archetypes all incarnate here over the last few hundred years? Like Tesla, Rife, Reich, Leedskalnin ect, all within that small time period.. I wonder because assuming we are not being lied to here as well , each one seemed to bring powerful tools of engineering and of healing to our consciousness, both for our body (rife) and for Gaia (reich). If so... how come this all happened within that time period?
You may term these identities as angelic beings or as alien walk-ins or as inspired humanoids. They all are Rememberers and brought their knowledge and experiences under the difficulties and individual encumbrances encountered by the human incarnation.

All are souls and shards of the Creator and just to BE in human incarnation to experience physical separation of the unifying spirit represents a most honourable act for the 'recallers' to engage in.

The 3D human space embodiment is rather like an imprisonment for the soul; therefore you sleep and dream and therefore the incarnations have continued in the linear sense, expecting the graduation of the 3D vessel into its 4D expression.
Then the soul's journeys and experiences in embodiment will no longer be experienced as imprisonment; yet the soul's desires to partake in the physical sensations can continue.

Glorious adventures await the hybrid starhuman embodiments.

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