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Bill Ryan # 434 page 18

The relevance of this anecdote is that not everyone associated with "mystery schools" is bad.
Actually, I could vouch for that personally, having been a member in the past. I left due to personality clashes, which all groups end up with but I wouldn't say any were bad in the temple I was a member of. I know of one 'chief' who was, and it is one of the main groups on the net, but the local temple was not 'bad' at all. (I had doubts about one neophyte's suitability but I left before he did so I don't know what happened). We actually split from that chief and another school was built from those who believed the original order was going the wrong way. I guess you could say the good guys spotted the rot and got out of dodge...

Now, because I never made it to the grades above the veil, I cannot comment on the groups upper levels and what those people were like. I met the new orders chief once and he seemed perfectly nice, I got no bad 'vibes' off of him, although that doesn't make for a thorough character reference.

At the end of the day, just because someone is a member of the O.T.O or the Golden Dawn, or the Masons, or whatever, that doesn't mean they are bad. Maybe the orders chiefs are, but those at the bottom... not necessarily...

My attitude is, whatever path feels right at the time... Some go straight for gold, some take in the scenery on the way. If the group is rotten at the top, and you are not, then you won't progress far anyway, unless you have insecurity issues in which case you could be 'influenced'. But if you have a strong character and a good sense of justice/right & wrong then you should be fine. I have tried so many different things it probably beggars belief. I am like my father, I have a butterfly mind but I'll get to the nectar one day.

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Hi Bill
Have you heard of the steps being taken to investigate the big pharma regarding the Swine Flu jabs? I hear governments are apparently concerned they were duped into ordering too many due to the companies over playing the threat.

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