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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Ok after reading your thread:
Lucifer's Mirror and the Emancipation of the Oneness

My brain is on fyre but i think i understand now what the "Dragon" is. Don't ask me to put it into words atm, cuz my brain is stuck somewhere inside an 11th dimensional mobian knot. I have known that the Oneness has to call back the memory of it's manyness in these times in order to continue creation (from a memory in toddlerhood of watching a mobile of butterflys in my crib). As well as my past life memories as a non-physical entity/energy form. Your explanation in that thread somehow makes sense to me and makes me wish i had really paid more attention in my math classes. I can't help it though, i still love theoretical physics, even though my math skills pale in compairson to the current brillant minds in physics today.
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