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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Raven View Post
Dear Abrax,
I have been dreaming...and groking all that i have read here, only one thing perplexes me...why does the council of Thuben, if it is as you say from the omniverse identify itself with labels such as Dragons? It is my experence of this dimension personally as having no discriptors as that would limit its infinity and expression as the quantum potential. I have found the 'face' of god by looking within and there are no words to describe the no-thingness that exists in that Void, this is the great can no-thing be something? I am only aware, in this place, that IAM. All else is maya, but as Einstein put so beautifully, rather persistant
Sincerely, Raven
Hi Raven!

The ultimate identification of a Dragon is the Electromagnetic Sinusoidal Waveform!

This is what is meant by DragonHood of Thuban. It is the Electromagnetic Maxwell Field of Terran science coupled t a Scalar Component of Monopolic Magnetism.

SERPENT=PRESENT=SONOFMAN=97 via S=19, E=5, R=18, N=14 and T=20

Did not the 'Evil' Serpent in the Garden of Eden help to 'Wake Up' Adam and Eve?

Who do you think this 'Evil Serpent' was?

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