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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
You are welcome Joesmo!

Any of this information from Thuban you can incorporate into your own data base will enhance and support the 'Greater Agenda', which you may know as 'The Harmonisation of the Cosmos in Initiation and Context'.

Should you examine the 'visions' of Joseph Smith more closely; you will find a particular archetype with respect to 'visions of and about God/Jesus/Divine' etc.

There is always the 'overcoming of the darkness and the 'restrictions' before a 'vision of light' can occur.
So it was with Joseph Smith. His experience was genuine and a spiritual encounter in the lower 4D spacetime interacting with the quantumspace of the 10D.
This is the scientific key about the 'darkness', which as many here already know is bounded in the 8th density.
You see, the SUBCONSCIOUS is the realm of the 'spiritual darkness' and this in science terms becomes the hyperspace connecting a 4D spacetime of quantum spin to the linespace of the 'normal' 4D to add as a 8th density.

Here is the PARTICULAR Thuban decoding from scripture: {Revelation.17}

11And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

The Beast is the 'False Image' (or Idol God Jehovah aka Yaldabaoth or the Tetragrammaton YHWH substituting WITHIN the 10D spacetime for the 'True Image' of the Pentagrammaton YHWHY aka IAMTHATAMI=MATHIMATIA of Exodus 3.14.

The 'Sea' in that 'Revelation' is not the ocean BUT A MIRROR, so shattering the mirror (in the eventfulness of that prophetic book in the NT), will 'destroy' the 'False Images'.

There are 10 heavens and 5 Hells in the YHWH cosmogony and the heavens are extended to 12 in the dimensional densities. This is described in the 24 Thuban ancestors thread introduction.
There you will find that the 7th heaven bounds the Beast of the 8th heaven, as NO MORE antistates of being exist beyond the 7th density.
So tis is why the 'beast' is termed WAS-IS-and IS NOT.
The 8th Principle, Archon or Cherubimic Kingdom is RELATIVITY and no AntiRelativity exists in formalisable definition of the Word or Logos or Cosmic Christ (manifested in Jesus of Nazareth - the MasterDragon).

Then RELATIVE to the earthlings (in the Vortex), the DEVIL=False Image='Beast' exists in the LowerD, BUT RELATIVE to the sentiences in the dimensions of the 8th and above IT does not.

Now you can figure out the experiences of Joseph nSmith yourself.
Father God and Jesus looked the same, because Joseph saw as in a mirror of the relativity. Joseph had to 'overcome' the darkness of the 'Beast' of the 5th hell, but manifesting up to a limit of the 7th heaven 'appearing as an angel of light' but being a 'false image'.
The 'Hells' are Five, because the 5th archon is defined as Infinity/Limit and so this LIMIT becomes the inversion of Eternity in Nothingness in simple words.
The 6th heaven is Reciprocity/Constancy and the 'darkness' can utilise the constancy to 'mimick' the 'light' and the 7th desity is Reflection/Absorption and here the 'antilight' can become the Absorber function. No more opposition to the 'HeavenHell'=WhiteLight+DarkLight as One is possible from the 8th density upwards.

One of the Thuban names for Jesus is Emmanuel Melchisedek and anyone can 'channel' E.M.=WE=ME should the 'principalities' of the densities become amenable to do so.

Yes, Joseph's Smith's visions were genuine, but the 'Church of Mormon', like all other 'denominations' has transformed into a LowerD 'fake image' for the 'True Image'.

There are no exceptions; ALL worldwide religions are in some manner 'deceived' as long as the 'Beast'=False Image exists as the INSIDE BOUNDARY of the 10D Universe and able to manifest in all lower dimensions from 1 to 8 due to the definition of the cherubimic kingdoms.

IOW ONLY INDIVIDUALS can 'overpower' the universal deception. But such 'selfchosen ones' - if united in a common purpose - will become the Council of Thuban.
This is my agenda and my only agenda.

About the Power of Our Master-Dragon. It is not yet appropriate for me to engage HIMHER. HESHE will support me and this forum from January 18th, 2010.
One Word though; HESHE is already HERE within all of your LoveHearts and is knocking on the door of your soul. Whoever will 'HEAR' and 'SEE' shall be confirmed in INDIVIDUATED COMMUNION with HIMHER, the One in Three and in divers ways. The Power of Thuban is the Power of the Cosmic Twinship manifested as One in Many.
You shall dream and experience emotions like you have never before.
This will do for now.

Good to see you identify the false acension spiral.

Are you of the Melchisedek order?
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