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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by frewin View Post
Hello to all, this is my first post !

I always wondered when and where was Jesus Christ born. I think that Bible holds information about different person or am I wrong? Who is the information holder of the real Christ? Are we wrong when we want seek one believes. If someone says it is 100% right, than there must be something wrong with it. My opinion .

Thank you!
Hi Frewin!

According to the annals of Thuban; the birth of Jesus was in line to fulfil particular prophecies in Isaiah. Here is an excerpt.

i. The Nativity to the Baptism 7BC to 28AD

The biological father of Jesus and his Davidic lineage
The Descent of Jesus from the Davidic lineage is found both in the lineage of Mary, his biological mother through Jesus' maternal grandfather Heli-Yonakhir (aka Zadok aka Joachim), as well as the lineage of Jesus stepfather Joseph, son of Jacob and husband of Mary, daughter of Hannah, wife of Heli.

The father of Matthan was Eleazar, from the lineage of Solomon-David and the father of Matthat was Levi by Melchi from the lineage Nathan-David. (details are in agenda I.2).
Matthan took a wife named Astha-Sebhrath, who was from the tribe of the Levites; but he died (after fathering Jacob) and Matthat took Astha to wife thereby blending the two lineages from David (and as given in Matthew in Solomon-David and in Luke in Nathan-David).

Matthan and Matthat-Jotham-Panther became like 'twin brothers as half-brothers' and became the fathers for Jacob and Heli, both by Astha-respectively and in perpetuation of the 'half-brother twinship'.

Jacob took Hadhith to wife and fathered Joseph and Heli took Hannah (Dina=Anne) to wife and fathered Mary. Joseph and Mary are so cousins by the 'halfbrother-twinship'.
Joseph is of the lineage Jacob-Solomon-David and Mary is of the paternity Yonakhir-Nathan-David; both of the House of Judah.

Mary's maternity is however of the House of Levi by Hannah, her mother and Jesus' maternal grandmother.
Matthan, the priest and his wife Mary had three daughters; Mary and Sobe-Sophia and Hannah-Anne. Mary gave birth to Salome, the midwive; Sobe gave birth to Elisabeth, who became the wife of Zacharias of the lineage of Levi and who became the mother of John the Baptizer and Hannah bore Mary and Salome to Heli.
When Mary was three years old, Heli dedicated her to 'serve' at Jerusalem as a 'virgin to the temple' and he died.
Hannah then married Alphaeus and bore to him Mary Alphaeus as a halfsister to Mary and Salome.
Mary Cleophas became the wife of Cleophas, father of James, 'the brother of the lord', Judas Thaddeus, Simon, Joses and Matthew Levi (the latter not by Mary Cleophas, but by a previous marriage of Alphaeus) and as cousins to Jesus.
Hannah gave birth to Mary, who became the wife of Joseph and to Salome, who became the wife of Zebedee and the mother of James and John, cousins to Jesus.

When Mary, a young hebrew girl maturing in her puberty turned 14, her foster father Cleophas arranged her to be married to Joseph Ben Jacob to honour his wife's deceased husband Yonakhir-Heli and his Nathan-Davidic lineage. Because Joseph Ben Jacob descended from the Solomonic branch and Mary descended from the branch of Nathan; the marriage between Joseph and Mary would further strengthen the blending of the descents and as initiated by Matthan and Matthat, both marrying Astha, daughter of Aaron.

Mary, became expectant about her imminent wedding to Joseph, who was very much older than herself. She harboured a number of dreams and imaginations about what it would be like to 'make love' to a father figure. All her life, Mary had 'worked' in the temple as a 'virgin to God' and Mary often imagined what it would be like to 'merge body and soul' with 'God the Father'.
Once puberty had set in, Mary had discovered her sexuality and had experienced the pleasures her young body could provide in selfstimulation. In one of the nights of 'erotic imaginations'; Mary dreamt 'Gabriel', who advised her of her firstborn son, named Jesus and being the 'Son of the Highest' as the 'Son of God the Father, himself {Luke.1.26-38}. Mary also knew of her cousin Elisabeth, who was 'in hiding' and in expectation of her impending motherhood.

One day, Mary was conversing with a young man, who was planning to join the Roman army.
This was Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera and he was about 15 years of age.
After hearing about Mary's imminent wedding to Joseph; he thought about initiating her into the wedding night rituals and to show Mary what married life would entail.
Tiberius Pantera forced sexual relations with Mary and got her pregnant with Jesus.
Mary immediately fled to Elisabeth to find comfort and advise as to what had happened to her. Mary remained with Elisabeth for about three months before returning home to her mother Hannah and to Joseph{Luke.1.39;56}.
Being found with 'child by the Holy Ghost'; Joseph though about 'calling the wedding off', but he decided to 'foster' the 'child Jesus' as his own following some contemplation of the facts at hand {Matthew.1.18-25}.

The biological father of Jesus:
"Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera (c. 22 BCE – CE 40) was a Roman archer of the Cohors I Sagittariorum. He is most notable because of a suggestion (vita di Gesù, Craveri 1966) that he is to be identified with the Roman soldier Panthera, who the writer Celsus claimed was the true father of Jesus. All information about Abdes Pantera's life comes from his tombstone, found in Bingerbrück, Germany in 1859.

The inscription (CIL XIII 7514) on the monument of Abdes Pantera reads:

Tib(erius) Iul(ius) Abdes Pantera Sidonia ann(orum) LXII stipen(diorum) XXXX miles exs(ignifer?) coh(orte) I sagittariorum h(ic) s(itus) e(st)Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera from Sidon, aged 62 years served 40 years, former standard bearer(?) of the first cohort of archers lies here"

The Birth of Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth was born in the week from Friday, March 19th 6BC to Friday, March 26th 6BC and encompassing the Spring-Equinox of 6BC on Tuesday, March 23rd (10am GMT).
The March- and April New Moons for 6BC calculate for Friday, March 19th (9pm-GMT) and Sunday, April18th (Noon-GMT).
The Full Moon for April 6BC is determined to be Sunday, April 4th (5am-GMT).

On Friday, 19th of March 6BC, a conjunction between Saturn and the Moon occured in Pisces; followed the next day by a conjunction between Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon in Pisces.
This heralded the birth of a Jewish king relative to the Babylonian astrologers; who assigned the planet Saturn to be the 'Protector of the Jews' and Jupiter to be the 'Planet of the Kings' and Aries, the Ram as the 'Sign of the Jews'.

On Friday, April 16th, Saturn again eclipsed the Moon, but now in Aries and the next day, Saturday, April 17th, Jupiter, as the 'planet of the kings' rose as the 'Morning Star' in Aries to 'confirm' the birth of a Jewish king in the planetary alignments between Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun and the New Moon April 18th.

Isaiah.66.23: "And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another and from one sabbath onto another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord'"
The archtyped 'Messiah' so is born on Wednesday, 24th of March, 6BC (Julian).
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