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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by TRANCOSO View Post
Thanx for your replies, Abraxsinas.
I have another question. There's a thread on this forum ('Something's brewing... Hmmmm') - started by Tone3Jaguar - in which it is suggested that right at this moment there are thousands of motherships spinning around the planet, containing more than a 100 million 'aliens' of 71 different species.
Do you happen to know if this situation is indeed the current state of affairs?
You are always welcome Trancoso!

Your question is oh so pertinent, as it delves into the core of this humungous alien agenda scenario.
Allow me state it again and if you understand my information Trancoso, I would really appreciate, if you could share YOUR UNDERSTANDING about this alien agenda (once YOU have accepted what I have shared to be true for YOU).

It is like this from the Thuban perspective.

The Earth, is FUNDAMENTALLY different from any other planet or place in the entire universe.
But NOT in the 4D spacetime format of contemporary terrestrial physics; BUT in terms of HOW the higher dimensions (aka the place of ALL the aliens meaning NOT on Terra) interact with the Gaian 'Specialness'.

This so is information never before allowed to be shared with the human mind and this information does explain the alien agenda and the many experiences and encounters between 'earthlings' and 'aliens'.

In pragmatic scientific terms of rationality, the planet earth is one of billions of planets in the universe. It has a particular climate, because of its distance to its local star, of allowing particular chemical elements to combine under the auspices of universal laws of physics to form water, ammonia, methane and other building blocks then able to fuse into molecular structures like amino acids and then nucleotidal base pairings leading to a common building block of biochemical life termed DNA/RNA.

In this manner then LIFE is universal in the cosmos and would form whenever the conditions favourable to life are present.

From the above your terrestrial science develops and encompasses in the biological sense Darwinian-Lamarckian evolution, today supplemented by Epigenetics and genetic engineerings of the genomes.

Ok, now consider to take a step backwards and ponder the following.

The Earth as a planet suitable to produce a kaleidoscope of life is NOT like any other planet 'out there'; because there is something at the center of the earth, which supplements the normal gravitational interaction experienced by all planets, including the earth.

Before explaining what this difference is, allow me to explore the consequences, if the 'explanation' should be 'true'.

If the earth is a special planet, then it is only on Gaia, that the life 'as we know' it can indeed form.
There would be billions of extraterrestrial lifeforms 'away' from the earth environment; BUT all of those lifeforms would be NOT AS DENSE and MORE PLASMIC, then the Gaian born lifeforms.

They would be more FLUID and more ELECTROMAGNETIC than the DENSIFIED lifeforms on earth; from crystals to fungi to flora and fauna to mankind.

BUT those lifeforms might very well be INTELLIGENT and enabled to inhabit plasmic forms like bodies.

Now the crux of the matter is this. The plasmic lifeforms are plasmic relative to the 4D spacetime reality, which indeed constitutes the standard cosmology of terrestrial physics and in league with contemporary models of science.
Should the earth be ISOLATED in some in physical parameter restricted to earth, then what APPEARS to be the STANDARD for what LIFE is, will be BIASED as to the measurements and observations of the Gaian scientists and observers.

And then should a 'Plasmic Intelligence' INTERACT with the Gaian World, THEN the 'densification' of the Gaia-specific physical parameter, will indeed DENSIFY the plasmic Lifeform and bingo, the 'alien intelligence' appears to be 'human like' or 'reptilian like' or 'insect like' or aka aka aka.

But the REALITY of the scenario is that the SPECIAL ENVIRONMENT of Earth, has 'INTEGRATED' a plasmic lifeform intelligence into its 'densification' and so contact would most often be rather temporary for the plasma intelligence would experience great restriction or feel 'imprisoned' by the Gaian environment.

The parameter of the physicality is the inversion of the lightspeed c.
When the universe was born, the Source of All That Is also required a Sink of All That Is to 'source itself to'.
This sink became like a VORTEX. This Vortex is at the center of the earth and it from this the archetype of the mythological 'Hell' eventuated.

Now the earth did NOT exist in planetary form so 19 billion years ago, but ITS VORTEX existed.
The earth as a planet is about 4.8 billion years old.
The earth as Gaia is as old as the universe as the Cosmic SinkVortex of ALL CREATION.

In 19.11 billion years the lightspeed inversion, which is 105 millimeters per year or 3.33 nanometers per second; this VORTEX has greatly expanded and is now about 4 million kilometers across.
This is something like the Bermuda Triangle much magnified.
Now do your calculations and you will find that both the Earth and its Moon reside within this Vortex and that this Vortex extends so 5% to the planet Venus and about 9% to the planet Mars.

So this means that the Earth is 'Special' because it is WITHIN this VORTEX and no other place in the universe is that way.

This VORTEX is HIGHER-D and cannot be measured or observed by 4D physical instrumentation.
BUT ANY plasmic intelligent lifeform entering the VORTEX (4 million km across) will in fact become DENSIFIED in the RESISTANCE FIELD of the VORTEX.
This Vortex is NOT a Black Hole, as it EXPANDS (very slowly at 10.5 cm a year) into 'outer space'.

Fast forward to Roswell 1948.

The ET PLASMIC spacecraft carrying within it sentient plasmic intelligence in plasmic bodies entered the VORTEX and experienced a 'great densification', resulting in a DECELERATION of the frequency modulated 'higherD mechanics' of the craft - and crashed, because it could not conntrol the densification/deceleration of frequency (actually linked to df/dt as the frequency differential over time coupled to volume defined spacetime consciousness characterising the plasma interaction with the vortex).

So are there Gaian Reptoids on earth?
Of course; any already native lifeform can couple to the plasma intelligences and therby AVOIDING direct physical densification.
Say an alligator is already densified and so a plasmic intelligence does not require any craft to 'get here'. It can simply use the electromagnetic fields of the vacuum.

ALL Gaian lifeforms HAVE sentiences coupled to them - but general CONTACT must await a modification of the VORTEX.

But the 'manifestation' of a reptoid or an 'insectoid' or a 'Yeti' or a 'Nessi' or whatever your visions and experiences entail will be temporary, as the interaction between the 'alien intelligence' and the 'Gaian density field' will engage an energy transduction between 'higherD' and 'lowerD'.

There are many related important aspects to the alien agendas and this and any other Thuban related threads will clarify much detail in this year 2010, provided it is appropriate to do so.

1. For example, the Alien Agenda KNOWS about the VORTICITY of GAIA and its definition as the Universal SinkSource Receiver.

2. The interaction of 'secret government' with the 'alien agenda' revolves about using the 'Vortex-Physics' to temporarily 'materialize' the plasmic aka electromagnetic intelligence in some fluidized format.
But because this 'vortex physics' is consciousness based and the human groupmind is as yet highly underevolved to 'sourcesink connect'; the 'secret agencies' have experienced great difficulties to 'control' such intelligence interactions.

3. The 'Alien Agenda' is encapsulated in the understanding that ALL Alien Races consider Gaia THEIR MOTHER.

I'll end here Trancoso and allow you to answer your own question about the millions of alien spacecraft ORBITING not Earth, BUT THE VORTEX.

Peace be upon you all, Peace of Mind particularly.
For the Eyes that can See are now allowed to See and the Ears that can Hear are now empowered to Hear.

I shall continue to answer questions until 88 AMEN aka 7447 aka ENERGYMALACHI shall support me from January 18th, 2010.


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