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Default Re: In 3 weeks they are going to install

I can certainly relate to what you're saying here Linda because I lived in Windsor, England and traveled in and around Europe for years....and still do. Every time something happens, it has been instilled in the general population via their media that they blame it on us and bash Americans without really knowing why. I can hear them now, "oh those American"'s Americans this, and American's that and burning our flag. When all the time these folks are just pawns when they bash us and they are doing exactly what their governments have programmed them to do....which is create discord and discontent. They dont' want their people to like America.

I would venture to say that the NWO has a far greater hold on every other country in the world more than it does America, excluding China and the surrounding areas....and China's government has it's own type of hold on it's people. Americans remain the free-est nation on the planet but it's being stripped away from us fast. We are the last bastion.

We lived in England for many years and I know what the general population who are sheeple think - yet, some of my closest and dearest friends are British but they are British who have gotten out of the socialistic element and have seen the world and know the difference between who is free and who is not.

I'm certainly not pointing any fingers here, I am just saying that we, for the most part, are under the control of elements that want us to think what they want us to think and until someone has walked a mile in my shoes, then there should be no judgments...I really don't think there was any intended here and I wish only the best to everyone who has sense enough to be a part of the this forum.

Ya'll take care now, ya hear.

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Yeah, maybe I over-reacted, but it is difficult these days not to do so. There is so much bashing of Americans. Most of us regular people are "in the same boat" as the rest of the world. The "powers" do NOT do the will of the American people and we have to pay the price in ill will from the rest of the world. We just want peace and a restoration of earth's beauty. Americans still have good intent, so it is a lesson in not taking things personally when the slightest hint of animosity surfaces from Europe. It was Transcoso's comment and then your comment that set me off, and I do not wish to ever assume animosity where there is none. My sincerest apologies for being overly sensitive. Some day I'll tell you stories about my last excursion to the continent. I can understand languages other than English. What people will say about each other when they assume the other party can't understand! Mean people suck, don't they? Happy New Year, B! and T! Linda
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