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Default Re: In 3 weeks they are going to install

Reminds me of the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. It's easy to make movies about these things if you are in someway responsible for orchestrating the future and know the outcome.....or think you do.
Originally Posted by housemouse2 View Post
military industrial complex is still finding ways to scare people.

what will be next to place more of these scanners in the public use? Surely airports are just the tip of the ice berg.

Imagine going to the mall and having to pass through a scanner just to enter the complex. Going to a ball game and having to be scanned. Going to dinner and being scanned. Going shopping...any public place where people gather.

they won't stop at airports. New false flag attacks will happen in malls and other places to justify adding these big ticket security items into other areas.

I do not fly as it is and have no plans too. If they start placing these things in malls and stadiums I guess I will be spending a lot less money.
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