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Default Re: In 3 weeks they are going to install

Originally Posted by burgundia View Post
I really do not understand your statement here...What was offensive to you? I wanted to add"from holidays"..but thought it wasn't necessary...I guess it was...
Yeah, maybe I over-reacted, but it is difficult these days not to do so. There is so much bashing of Americans. Most of us regular people are "in the same boat" as the rest of the world. The "powers" do NOT do the will of the American people and we have to pay the price in ill will from the rest of the world. We just want peace and a restoration of earth's beauty. Americans still have good intent, so it is a lesson in not taking things personally when the slightest hint of animosity surfaces from Europe. It was Transcoso's comment and then your comment that set me off, and I do not wish to ever assume animosity where there is none. My sincerest apologies for being overly sensitive. Some day I'll tell you stories about my last excursion to the continent. I can understand languages other than English. What people will say about each other when they assume the other party can't understand! Mean people suck, don't they? Happy New Year, B! and T! Linda
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