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Default Re: The adamantine particles - the sacred magnetic heart

Excerpts from the book " Love without end " from Glenda Green

In 1991 Jesus appeared and sat with Glenda, a world-renown portrait artist, for four months as she painted his portrait. During that time they conversed "as friends do" and this book is the compilation of their conversations together.

Whenever Jesus spoke about the adamantine particles, He would remind me that love commands them. Once He emphatically added, "No matter how far we advance in our technology, unless we have love, we have nothing." These particles represent a continuous flow of high frequency potential, which manifests into discrete forms and arrangements under the command of love. Unfortunately, humankind is so dominated by sensory perception and structural containments, that we are virtually unconcious of this powerful moving force. This ever present and neverending river of life so completely eludes our normal perception that I am confounded in the task of explaining. Only by resorting to the Master's own approach would I have any hopes of being successful.

As I reviewed the various ways in which He addresed the subject, one thing was consistent. His explanations were always simple, relevant, and direct, usually catching me by surprise.


"The sharing of adamantine particles is the breath of life." Jesus said. "There is an ongoing exchange of these particles throughout existence. They not only comprise organic life, but also the planet, the wind, and every substance that is. Everything breathes for the whole of its duration. Inhaling and exhaling, these particles bring vital balance and connections to life. To one who is attuned, an illness is clearly revealed through irregularities of the breath of life. In the presence of love a natural rebalance occurs. This is how the laying on of hands can help to restore health to another. Such is the power of healing touch or even a simple hug."

During that discussion I asked, "Can a healing occur even if the touch is indirect? I was thinking about the woman who was healed when she touched your robe."

He replied, "She touched my love and by that she was healed. As you touch each other, especially the loving essence of each other, you are healed. Living in isolation and living in separation can imbalance your life quickly."

Love Always
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