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Originally Posted by Gnosis5 View Post
Hello, since I was one of the people associated with him when he was investigating Aleister Crowley's methods (I was there) the intention and purpose was to get some answers and be willing to go into the lion's den to get some answers. This lifetime I also re-visited the OTO to get some answers. Is that guilt by association?

It would be very hard for you to do much valid research on him because of the orchestrated smear campaign that Dane Tops (and myself) can verify. Even without the smear campaign he was human enough and he did make some wrong turns, but that is only my assessment after seeing what Dianetics alone can do for people after it was improved (as R3X).

All technologies can be improved (and will be).

"horrible science fiction" is a generalized personal attack so I won't dignify that remark except to say to each his own tastes and understandings.

To discount his early works would be like saying the Vedas are BS -- some is, some is not.

I know Dane Tops is correct in basically saying that Ron took on some enemies that he was not well equipped to take on. That is an object lesson to me as I continue to confront some heavy duty beings (at least in their own eyes). If I get knocked out of the game, as with Ron, it is simply a lesson learned and back into the game, as with Ron: The being that was known as Ron is back in the game.
Originally Posted by Gnosis5 View Post
I can easily help you go Superconscious (a native ability) and view your own past lives. I have 150 hours of session notes that I have yet to write up about Hubby's prior existences. I work over the phone or SKYPE, but I'm not in the business and do it for informational purposes only. Like you, I am sometimes just curious and can't pass up such an open invitation here :-)

When I view my prior existences I use the pattersheet of R3X, which is published on the internet and in the "Files" section of Freezone_Earth Yahoo Group, or just email Robert DuCharme, the main instigator for R3X.

My former PEAT instructor, Karen Gould, gave me a blowout session that I will never forget. But CAVEAT EMPTOR -- grab the goodies and run.
Hi Gnosis....I would love to explore superconsciousness so that I may be able to fully understand the second line in my own signature
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