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Default Re: 27th November...Full Disclosure??

Originally Posted by chelmostef View Post

This article examines the occult symbols present in the video and its hidden meaning.

I really like how he breaks down the information. My favorite articles on the site are about Dever airport and the one about Princess Diana, both articles are well worth reading as are the rest too.


This is a bit off topic, but I couldn't resist jumping in with a "disclosure" of my own. I'm inspired by Jake Simpsom's words when he warned young people about a dark, VERY dark side of Hollywood.

In 1979 I edited and published the first "goth" magazine called "Night Voices." Only my small staff and a handful of readers knew that the "voices" were demonic and the the magazine was chock full of hidden, very cryptic symbols and spells. When I was very young, in the early 70s I saw a photo of Alister Crowley and challenged him to rise from his grave so I could show him what darkness really is like (he knew, but I still wanted to load the dueling pistols and go a step further).

There's one peice of music that helped the rag over the top and is the most frightening thing you will ever hear. It's Diamada Galas singing "The Litanies of Satan" (from the French poem by Bouldaire). The music is a work of art and my interview with Diamanda went well. She's a good person.

I was the fly in the soup and in the end, three people died, the last one I predicted, but couldn't do a thing about it (Rozz of the band Christian Death (heroin overdose)).

The other two were my best friend (bullet to the heart) and my lover, Tammy (kidnapped, tortuered and murdered - decapitation). The latter I never got over completely. Gaga, try those shoes on for size.

I ended up homeless and strung out. The vamp folks took me in as I was an easy blood donor. The burning bed thing happened - one of the kids that hung out at the house in North Hollywood tried to kill his mother that way. It happened a couple blocks away and I hear that one of the LAPD detectives who arrested him had trouble going inside as "something very strange" that he couldn't see was in there.

After the magazine folded, Illuminati hyjacked my identity and yours truly, "Paul Perner" became a blood diamonds smuggler and the Night Voices address became the drop off point. I got a visit from the FBI who opened a file on me and took copies of some of the issues with my home-made, Thelemic mind control in them. Here's my most private web site:

I can't get myself to finish buildng it.

The ETs saved my life and the Wicca community gave me healing and support.

Love to You All,

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