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Default Re: 27th November...Full Disclosure??

Nice find Viking .

The more I see the reality unfolding, the more I think disclosure and "discloaking" would drastically help to accelerate the global awakening occurring, thus proportionally harm the dark scenario pushed forward by the "manipulators". As long as our “discloaking visitors” do not come under saviors disguise.

I think disclosure and "discloaking" are two components the "manipulators" are trying to avoid at all cost. I assume that if they plan to create a false Alien attack, it is certainly not for this year. For right now, they will concentrate their effort on their pandemic creation, law enforcement and civil rights abolition, etc... Until they are in full control to bring about a One World Sovereignty not elected by the people. Obliging the people to recognize this new leadership to have full authority over the whole Planet.

But, it is their focus, their plan... Will it happen the way they want to the degree they’re aiming at? No.

The future of mankind is not created by their only focus. They used to take advantage of the unconscious focus on fear, problems and victimhood the masses used to cast into the Creative energy. They advertised over the mass all their arsenal of mental manipulation to assure the masses are focusing on their “game”. So we created their “game”.
But things are different now... That is why they are rushed forward to fill their agenda before the “sleeping giant” awakes... This time there are universal energies at play unlike before. We measure it, we experience it and we observe its effect on the reality.

Quote: “You can fool some people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”. End of the quote.

Here is my agenda . Utopia some might say. Of course. It is my agenda!

I see a Humanity united under all commonly shared principles of all nations and cultures. Moved by the loved of our planet, our children, we awake to the Galactic community. Becoming citizen of the Galaxy. Awaken to the Laws of Creation and using them with responsibility and awareness. Developing our full potential as human. Sharing and producing all the basic necessities of the people with technologies we already invented. Creating a heaven on Earth like many of us already are doing. Living in harmony with Earth within a relation that encourage self development of the human potential and respect of All that Exist... New challenge will come ahead... New discoveries... New possibilities... A whole New Paradigm will open up for our course in evolution. A Humanity facing its "becomingness" with joy and peace of mind. A Humanity in constant loving relationship with Creation. Guided by the presence within in every moment.

This is part of the focus I maintain every day. Filling my soul with the Love of Creation. I am creating my future and realities. It is not a belief anymore, because I already made the experience several times since several years. It did transform completely my life and the life of my family. It is repeatable and verifiable. That is why I am so sure the future is going to be a big surprise to our “manipulators”.

Of course, many will doubt about it or even think that is irrelevant, arrogant and childish. To them I answer, have you seriously try?

Namaste, Steven
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