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Default Re: 27th November...Full Disclosure??

Found this on another thread seems to fit in with Bill Ryan's statements...

Please not the date of this report ewas around the 29th May!

“Iris, please explain the meaning of the Crop Circle symbol above that was manifested on the Earth surface on May 29th, 2009.”

This was her reply:

“The origin of this crop circle symbol is from the Pleiades. The Pleiades is the original home to much of Humanity. Those from the Planets in this cluster are here at this time to help in re-awakening as many as possible to their starry origins. Every one on Earth is a part of some or of many other Planets in this Solar System and beyond it. The purpose of these symbols is to awaken Humanity to reach beyond the confines of the limited system of belief that have held them entrapped for far too long. When one views the symbols, one understands at a much deeper level, that there is more that needs to awaken to greater awareness. The crop circle symbols have created much questioning and searching for the answers of what they mean and in this way, Humanity as a whole is expanding beyond their limitations. Those who pay attention begin to discern the message held within each symbol.

This particular crop circle symbol depicts the upcoming mass decloaking of all the Lightships in our vector of space that will make themselves visible at the same time. This will be easily observed by every human being upon the face of the Planet and those that might be flying through the air. This event is scheduled to begin in November 2009. This event is ready to occur at any moment. Humanity will Awaken in the masses upon seeing these Lightships floating majestically and beautifully all around them in the skies and in the Earth’s atmosphere. No matter where on Earth you as a Human might be, you WILL see this event.

This message symbol was a harbinger of the events that are about to take place upon and around the Earth. Since Humans cannot see or believe anything unless it be of a physical nature, let it be known that this sighting by masses of Humanity will BE of a physical nature and will change the World forever. This crop circle symbol also depicts the raising of the vibrational levels of Humanity from the lower chakras to the Higher chakras in a way that will create an answering downpouring so that the effect will be permanently anchored within all who observe this event. When the majority of Humanity participates in this sighting, their raised vibrational frequency will uplift the vibrational levels of their Brothers and Sisters around them that did not. In this way, all will be transformed. The event itself will be magnificently displayed in beautiful crystalline colors along with sound vibrations that will create enormous feelings of love and peace within all hearts, not just the Human hearts, but ALL hearts that inhabit the Earth.”

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