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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar View Post
I would just like to say that this individual Jake Simpson / John Burns comes up 23% factually accurate when I dowse it. Then when I ask if he is an agent it comes up YES.

This is news to me. "Jake Simpson" is John Burns?
Yes, apparently when Mel from Veritass talked to Kerry at the UFO congress she introduced him as both identities.

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar View Post
I have been targeted with the terrify the target button from Dreamland as well. I only got it about 3 times. He got it every night for 6 months. That is enough to split anyones personality to some degree. In fact it would put most people strait in the funny farm.

Originally Posted by redtailhawk View Post
I am confused by this statement, and do not get what it means.
Dreamland is the black ops code word for the MILABS / Astral illusion technology that is operated out of Groom Lake. They can essentially replicate anything from an alien abduction to a full on demonic attack by extracting you out of body and then creating the illusion of these things around you. These things come full on with all of the vibes of the real deal. I did not get the fake abduction scenario, I got the demonic attack scenario. With Steven apparently he got the full spread, he does not tell all of the details, just some of them.

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