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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by migp View Post
Hi Abraxas,

I wanted to ask you about the information you wanted to communicate to us starting on January 18. I guess that I am one of the persons with less knowledge in this forum. sometimes when reading this thread I feel like I am in a dream within a dream.

Sometimes I feel like a bad entity or being or energy is acting against me. Examples of this can be a wrong phone call very late at night that disturbs my sleep, or my car breaks just when I am starting a new project and I need the car the most, or even when I am trying to meditate (I am learning this) and an unexpected strong wind interrupts my meditation. How can I poroctect myself from this?.


Hi Miguel!

An excellent point you have brought up here.

Your experiences are your own soul testing you. So when you feel or hear the 'strong interrupting wind' you are to 'change your approach'.
Instead of being annoyed your soul (and innermost whispering voice say) is asking you to OWN the 'energy of the tempest' and 'your feeling of annoyance'.

Should You say something like: "I recognize you windy breeze; you are my friend and I thank you for having come to wake me up from my slumbers",
then you will find that things will 'run more smoothly' in your daily endeavours.

As you know from January 18th, the solar sunspots starting to erupt and began to change the terrestrial weatherpatterns in preparation for the solar activities for the next 3 years.

A 'new wind of preparation' is blowing onto earth and you like all inhabitants on Gaia are asked to assume your function to cocreate Gaia's new planetary status.
The planetary transformation engages a collective consciousness and this consciousness is shared by all sentient lifeforms individually and in groups upon the planet and interacting with it.

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