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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Hi Abrax, the following excerpt from your answer to Julissa:

Julissa I am rather impressed with your logic and deductiveness. You basically understand the process.
You must have been to Thuban a number of times in your superluminal travellings.
The 3D earth will still be there, but instead of being all that is for the 3D perceivers; the 4D earth will have 'opened' 4D and so allow access for all those Terrans, which are able to RESONATE with the 4D energy realms.
The Shadow Earth is Earth itself, the mirror being the divide between the 3D and the 4D. Nibiru=Serpentina, the New Earth encompassing the Old Earth. There will be no poleshift geographically and there will be no celestial planet coming to earth to 'check up' on the 'silly humans'.
The poleshift is the 'turning inside-out' of the Gaian-Data collected over almost 26,000 years and the incoming 'ancient ones' is the message from Hunab Ku travelling from the center of the galaxy to the earth's center to TRIGGER the wormhole physics.

There so shall be TWO humanoid races inhabiting Gaia-Serpentina in the Old Humans unable to access 4D and the StarHumans who can access 4D.
Because the StarHumans will be like Jesus post the resurrection (yes, denying this and the Christ-Melchizedek agenda in the scriptural fulfilment sense will automatically keep one in 3D) and able to LEAVE 3D, say in walking through walls (the physics of this advanced quantum wave mechanics and in no way supernatural btw), many of the 4D Starhumans will often appear to the 3D humans as having disappeared.
Spacecraft and similar will also materialise from 4D into 3D in the corrollary to this.
The 'new' stewardship for the 'new earth' will take quite some time to manifest, but the basic structure of reality perception will change basically overnight. I will not elaborate on this for the present time, except saying that the StarHumans will have a lot of fun interacting with the 3D Humans.

and this article from Aluna Joy, titled "The Only Things We Take With Us"...

where she describes a possible and different environment after we, as humanity (for those who'll be able) will access the new 4D...

...just triggered a new question, which I would like to ask here:

What happens with our memories, beliefs, thoughts, all archetypes...will the one who will access the 4D remember of this present earthly "life" ?

The reason I ask is that I've also read the Drunvalo's description of the process of the "changing environment" and the "life" in the new 4D, which is very similar to that of Aluna Joy.

thanks in advance, with much and respect
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