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Default Re: David Icke Illuminati Handshake

Originally Posted by Harper View Post
I find it fascinating how people literally cant see whats in front of their faces. Like children who dont want to face the horrible truth of something they lash out at others. Just watch, arthritis doesnt make you grad the knuckle with your thumb.... just doesnt.....

anyway at this point it seems all is lost and it makes me awfully sad...

really crap
You are wrong about arthritis. An easy thing to do to test your theory. Grasp something the size of say a gold ball. Now look at where the thumb is. Now imaging trying to shake hands without being able to FULLY open your hand. This handshake is consistent with arthritis.
Why would Bill and Kerry sabotage their work with a dodgy handshake?
Why are comments blocked on the Video?

Originally Posted by Sandra View Post
I know who David Icke is,I have got all most every interview of him,and lecture.He was in Croatia two months ago,and he was giving lecture for 8 hours in two days.David Icke is giving the best of himself to help us to open our mind.So,don`t be hard on me,because I never said that they are `bad guys`.I follow up work of Project Camelot,all most from beginning,and I admire this people for doing what they are doing for sake of humanity.
So,looking at this video last night I was surprised like you are.
I just wanted to share this with you, and I did`n have any intent to offend anyone.

Love to all
Iím not offended or think you are deliberate doing something Sandra. Itís a poor Title to thread and you made no comment to Arthritis or the fact the Video cannot be commented on. Just under investigated before posting. Lack of clarity and click to post is my only gripe.
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