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Default Re: David Icke Illuminati Handshake

Does it matter? like with all information out there it comes to every person to be discerning and take what is useful for them rather than idolize anyone

We have the opportunty to embrace self sovereignity which means that we could be raising ourselves and society towards an egalitarian way of living

We are in a war between two groups of fallen beings, one group comes from the anunaki and the other from the reptilian/dracronias

Most of what is outhere belongs to one doctrine or the other, there is very little unspoil knoledge that is in resonance with the cosmic laws out there; mainly because logicaly has been supresed, destroyed and adulterated

David Icke has his own philosophy and I respect his courage. I do not agree with all that his says, but he has some very real pearls of wisdom in his disertations. It is up to each one of us to see what is what

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