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Default Re: David Icke Illuminati Handshake

Originally Posted by dj kelly View Post
hey people, dont be to hard on sandra here, i have watched alot of david icke, and to be honest in some of his vids, if you did not know he had arthritis, then you could be forgiven for thinking he not only shakes hands strangely but he holds his hands in odd positions all the time,

however he realy does have arthritas and that is why,

sandra, maybe it would be best to check up on things before you post something like this as it can and will make divisions , and at this time we all need to be spot on with any info we give out, i think our time is short and we need all the help from people like icky we can get,

having said all that we should always question everything, and i think you were right to notice what you did, good on ya, just check evidance before it goes viral and skews what hes been saying for 30 years, and that would be a shame.

love & light , to all DJ

I know who David Icke is,I have got all most every interview of him,and lecture.He was in Croatia two months ago,and he was giving lecture for 8 hours in two days.David Icke is giving the best of himself to help us to open our mind.So,don`t be hard on me,because I never said that they are `bad guys`.I follow up work of Project Camelot,all most from beginning,and I admire this people for doing what they are doing for sake of humanity.
So,looking at this video last night I was surprised like you are.
I just wanted to share this with you, and I did`n have any intent to offend anyone.

Love to all
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