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Default Re: David Icke Illuminati Handshake

And anyway....

Sandra, maybe it should have have been titled Masonic handshake? Not really on presuming anyone who is (say a lower level) Mason is 'illuminati' either.
Talk about another beat-up.. let's leave him to shake how he likes for frigs sake...who cares - I mean he's not Bungeye Brown.

I'm not a Mason, but have known a couple (nice old geeza's), and no way would they have anything to do with, or ever have any vague contact with (or maybe even knowledge of) the real dark dickwads
with too much power, and their cunningly twisted plans to make things so much easier for us.

From what I gleaned and have since learned nothing much happens for many Masons.. other than community projects, occasionly helping each other get jobs if they could (terrible, that),
and little suburban meetings once a fortnight. There is some wierd initiation BS alright, they don't hurt goats anymore I believe (very good to hear..), I am not at all concerned about secret Masonic handshakes
these days, it is a tight system formed protectively around several world leaders it seems,
with the top (brown) dogs ruling by proxy, but they might also need to be in CFR, Trilateral.. what have you to get maximum sick points.
This is the world with all it's little secrets and special clubs which we cannot join.

We'd also have to toss cub scouts into the big bad illuminati bucket, if we want to be sure we catch all the bad guys. Mind you, I did find it a good bit creepy and left before I could graduate to Scoutdom.

I don't like rituals unless they involve making coffee.

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