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God became bored so he created a metaphysically universe?

By doing this he parted with the female part and became "he"?
This is the separation of unity?

After doing that the boredom was gone but he was now lonely?
He changed his mind, wishing to have his female part back?
He wanted his pearl back?

So he created a "Son" and send him to get it?

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To implement his Godly plan, God so decides to call himself God and create from himself and imaged in Satan a Image of the previous state of beingness when the balloon had not existed.
This is the creation of Adam? Adam is created from God, image is based upon Satan - the state of unity before separation?

If the image of Satan is image of the unity before separation..does the above say that Satan was before God? Satan is unity or image of unity?

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And so God the Creator took his sabbatical and allowed Adam to think that there was no image of God plastered on the outside of Bigmo's Balloon.
Why would he do that?
To hide something?
To let them figure it out on their own?
There was no need to?

At this point there is no physical creation? But that was soon about to change was actually necessary to experience the "revelation" of who/what they are? All of this was Gods was intentional on all possible levels?

God actually wanted them to get to speak? To realize they fit together...

Why did he choose this way...way not just tell them...educate them...make them understand?

But why....why would they be ashamed of that? I do not understand how and why would someone be ashamed of that? Human animal for example... is thought, manipulated and conditioned to be ashamed of sex....
Who, what, how did they became ashamed?

Was this also part of the plan? Did God intentionally deceive them?

As a consequence the physicality was created and the outside broken disharmony has been reestablished with the price of inside disharmony?

When/how/why was the outside disharmony broken in the first place?

Adam and Eve had to was not a was a condition? A result of a pre-arranged plan?

By loving each other (without modern moral) we can actually do what God can not? So God is not all powerful?

By loving each other this love will be mirrored from Eve to Satan and from Adam to God (if they can "see")?

Love conquers all?

All this because, what was later named God (by himself), was one day bored? (or is this just a story to make things "easier")

cant write more now....