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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)


Yes I understand completely how you feel and I struggle with my egos' never ending persistence, to want to know why?

I must be a personality glitch or something... even as a child I would pester my parents by following them around inquiring and asking over and over and over again... why this, Mom? Why that, Dad?

It could also be that I'm paying a karmic debt from a previous life. Maybe I was a quiet, meek and timid monk who turned his head while 'they' burned the witches or worse yet, lay in a drunken stupor behind an old church pew somewhere. Who knows.

Regardless I still find it hard to 'let go' and 'accept', as it appears from your post, that you have been able to do. I congratulate you and thank you for your friendly and inspiring comment.

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