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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

My dear Abraxas,

I want to apologize beforehand if I don't formulate my questions in an appropriate manner. Spanish is my first language and recently it has been very difficult for me to express myself verbally when I want to share any of these topics with family members say. Oh... how I long for telepathy!

Is our Universe 19.11 billion years old?

Dear Julissa!

There are actually four different ages for the universe, depending not only on the frame of the observer measuring it, but also on if the measurement is electromagnetic in 11D or inertial in 10D and lower. Here are the technical details.

You may ask certain questions, like "How old am I as the Universe" and this is a very good question at the core of all cosmology.
You will find, that your house as your body has four different metrics and so there are four ages and four sizes for your universe and depending on your viewpoint of observation.
Your house as measured from within has the volume of a sphere, but measured from my location, this volume transforms into a special toroidal shape, like a doughnut without as hole.
This then gives the volume V10+=2π2Rmax3[n/(n+1)]3 for an inertial doughnut age of 8.96 billion years or a 15.03 billion year spherical age. These are the Actual Inertial Ages for your universe as envelopes or upper bounds and these are not the ages as measured by your natural philosophers.
The transformation factor between the "doughnut without a hole" and the sphere is the upper bounded Chaos Constant known as the Feigenbaum-Delta: σFmax=3π/2.

Should you measure your universe from the position of wonderland (as outside the physical universe yet electromagnetically spanned in 11D) however, the volume increases due to the 4-dimensional seed activated by the 3-dimensional seed.
Technically the surface on which the far away mirror exists (as the boundary between your lightspeed invariant cosmology) becomes a 3-dimensional mirror just as the location of your loopey window (as boundary of the physical universe in 10D) is located on the inside of a spherical 2-dimensional mirror.
Then the outside of your loopey-window surface changes from a spherical surface to a doughnut surface, remaining however 2-dimensional, albeit in transition to 3D, obtained at the far away mirror, not asymptotically, but gravitationally through the monadic gravita.

Outside the far away mirror then the surface topology is 4-dimensional as the orthogonal vector nRmax in the expression dV11+=S.dR=2π2Rmax3dR from V4=π2R4 and dV4/dR=2π2R

The extra-3D-volume so becomes: V11+=n32π2Rmax3 and is measured relative to your inside as an age of 32.04 billion years, but relative to my outside as 19.11 billion years. These are the Actual Electromagnetic Ages for your universe.

The Measured Ages for your universe are however lower, than the Actual Ages, because of the intersection of the 3rd dimension with the 4th dimension.

If the critical volume is defined as Vcritical=2π2Rmax3, then the extra 3D volume expanding as a 4D volume seed will be V11-= n.Vcritical and as reduced from V11+=n3.V
The Measured Electromagnetic Age for your universe then is 17.62 billion doughnut years and 29.53 billion sphere years.

The following expressions must hold and define the multivolumes in labels, which can then become reinterpreted in the form of 'missing energy' and 'missing mass'. Many cosmologists in your universe term this the search for 'dark energy' and 'dark matter' respectively.

Multidimension Factor:
DIM = V11+/V10+ = V11-/V10-
Dark Matter Factor:
DIMDM = V11- /V10+=(n+1)3/n2~7.561
Dark Energy Factor:
DIMDE = V11+/V10-=(n+1)3.n2~12.434

You so must have a reduced 3-dimensional inertial volume V10-, which is given by
V10-=(n/[n+1]3)2π2Rmax3 and provides a doughnut age of 8.26 billion years and the age measured by the astrophysicist in your house, namely 13.85 billion years as the Measured Inertial Ages for your universe.

If so does that mean its corresponding vortex is that old also?

Yes, the Gaia vortex is within the 10D.

Is this vortex's soul (Gaia) Thuban's Twin Flame?

Thuban is simply a label for the Mirror Data outside the 11D mirror as the 12D hologram of the 10D data compressed in 12D. Gaia's twin-flame is the actual Prime-Source or Creator-Focus or God-Focus.
After the transformation this Focus will be able be ANYPLACE in the Universe, allowing other ET civilisation to become 'as physical' as the human civilisation. This is necessity, because the God-Source is already Omnipresent and so shall be the 'ascended' Gaia as the template for Serpentina aka the New Earth, becoming the placeholder for the 'ascended' Old Erath as the twin-soul for the Creator.
Old Gaia=Creation concentrated as the planet earth and was always destined to one day 'Go Home' to her Old Creator.

So what happened 4.8 billion years ago exactly? Why did Gaia decide to materialize as a planet on that specific time... If that is in fact what happened? If her timeline always went according to the mathematical precision of the Universe and in fact the physical Earth was born in good time and when it was "supposed to", does this mean all other Universes are born this way?

Yes, you are correct. Gaia materialised from the Solar Nebula to begin her long evolution to give birth to the divers lifeforms and then culminate this in the evolvement of the 'Little Creator' images for the Old Primal Source and who individually and collectively would remember their origins in NoSpace and in NoTime and so enable the metaphysical nature of the Old Creator to manifest in a Physical Reality of Many New Creators - as His and Her (Gaia's) Children - sons and daughters metamorphosing into sondaughters and daughtersons to allow the metaphysical archetypes to become embodied in physical archetypes.

When individual 'Little CreatorCreations' are fully awakened. THEN and only Then will the One Universe become enabled to spawn more universes as phaseshifted multiverses seeded on the Oneness of the old archetypical physicality.

I mean, will there always be the necessity of a quarantined planet and a race that would live the consequences thereof?
No, this scenario is described in a recent reply to malletzky.

Originally Posted by Malletzky Abrax, dear friend, thanks for your last reply to my question...and thank you for your patience and devotedness to answer all other questions here. Indeed, the fact that I was allowed to experience and FEEL the concept of the unification few weeks ago, and "the coincidence" with your appearance here on this forum, surely helped me to understand more then ever that:

ALL that is, is within us, and not without. It is I/ME/YOU/WE... that matters.

It's I that need to recognise the Creator within ME, and it is ME that must recognise the Creator within I. It is simple as that!

Indeed it is malletzky - you are developing and emerging a wonderful gnosis.

Many sources, begining with Jesus and his teachings and as last, the concepts of Thuban presented here [and I don't care the labels (many will know what I really want to express here)...but I care the message and how this message resonates within me and with my whole being] trigered many, many hidden truths within my heart in the last 18 years. Not only as a confirmation to what I already "knew"'s more than that.

But it really is that simple...if one would only accept that it is him/her that contains "both sides" of the coins within his/her heart...label it good/bad or light/dark or just...DUALITY. WE ARE BOTH....or better say...I am/we are all.

As said, you've found that the ONLY Real ENEMY is yourself within.

I must say that I feel gratitude to the one that do NOT feel, do NOT see and do NOT experience the way as I do.

I feel gratitude and compassion that YOU (and with YOU, I mean the other almost 7 billion brothers/sisters on this planet) choose some other path...and that I'm allowed to "tap in" in this "field" called human groupmind and feel and experience what YOU do! Without YOU, I would not be perfect...Thank YOU!

This is so profound and one day you will UNDERSTAND a a lot better, what you now FEEL to be your truth.

Unfathomable to most, even here on this forum, is that the so called 'dark ones' are the REAL Lightworkers.
They are the 'Prodigal Sons' for whom the 'parties are thrown', not the faithful servants remaining with the 'Parent' at home doing the 'good deeds' and thinking the 'loving thoughts'.

Why is this the case and why does the scriptures say this too?

It is because the LOST SHEEP as the 'dark ones' CREATE THE CONTEXT for the FOUND SHEEP to EXPRESS their real true nature after completion of a NECESSARY TIMELINE to create the context for the choices individually made.

In other words; the 'lost ones' of the STS 'force the issue' in a maximum polarisation, which so and aonly so can become minimised.

The result will be a New Earth, called the SANCTUARY for the entire universe and cosmic families of intelligences to utilize as a Blueprint for their own planetary environments.

No other ET civilization will ever have to experience PHYSICALLY the havoc the human disharmony was subject to to graduate as such an ARCHETYPICAL Placeholder.

And I don't care which path you've you lie? do you murder? do you love? are you Satan? are you GOD? No matter doesn't matter.
I forgive you to forgive me, I accept you as you it is YOU and what YOU choose to do, be or feel...that makes me entire, it makes me I AM!

with and gratitude

btw, I feel as I am only a "second" away from the bigest "personal enlightenment" ever. Let it BE.You are doing so well in realising the Creator-Creation monad in the duality contained within yourself.


You are doing so well in realising the Creator-Creation monad in the duality contained within yourself.

Do all sinksource receivers must have planets in them?

No all beings in the universe occupying space share in the creator's consciousness. I.e. a neutron is conscious as a spacetime entity, because it carries within itself a polarity charge distribution.

What difference made in the Universe to have an actual planet sitting on the SinkVortex of all creation as compared to not having one before it was born? Now, I was under the impression that the Earth was not always this dense and had less gravity.

Without this vortex, the universe in archetype would be geometrically trapped as an ideal circle.

Before what I consider Earth's recent history of Atlantis and Mu, weren't the races that we now call Protoplasmic, Hyperborean, "L's", etc. physically taller and more plasmic?

The earth was never less dense. It was less encompassing in its density function. Think of a pebble dropped into a still lake. The concentric waveforms are getting bigger, just as the density field of the earth is increasing in 10.5 centmeters per year. The 'halo' orr aura of earth is expanding. All ETs within the density function can materialise in a more consistent texture, than can the plasmic ETs outside the density field.

What caused the Earth to drop from that density to this one? I am assuming this vortex is the same as the field of quarantine, and if it was in existence before the Earth, then what caused the variation of densities within the vortex?

Yes, this is the lightspeed inversion you can calculate yourself. Simply calculate the speed of light and reciprocate it.
You will get 1/c=3.333... nanometers per second as the speed of this density field beginning at te vortex 19.1 billion years ago and then harbouring the physical planet earth 4.8 billion years ago as a spherical shell so 3 million kilometers in diameter.

Drunvalo Melchizedek talks about the Akashic records of the Earth going only so far back and that something happened millions of years ago that "erased" the records or at least made them inaccessible to us. What caused this anomaly, if it indeed happened and what was the date?

The greatest change ever in the universe occurred 2.2 billion years ago, when the lightspeed of the 10D universe 'caught' the 11D hitherto stationary envelope. The 11D began to expand and the 10D light 'bounced back' from the 11D mirror to intersect itself.
The universe ages from before are of course related to this.
From this date onwards, the 10D universe could KNOW its own creator as the data bounce.
Gaia experienced a great change at that time, namely the oxygenation of the atmosphere after an initial overabundance so 200 million years earlier; the oxygen in the atmosphere stabilized and the aquatic lifeforms of algae etc. could begin to allow the emergence of air-breathing lifeforms, eventually 'crawling' onto the land.

So the cosmic trigger was 2,200 million years ago and from that date onwards ther Gaian lifeforms evolved in diversity coupled to ET-couplings.
When say amphibians began to transmutate from fish, certain ET lifeforms correlated in say Sirian Nommos manifesting in the Sirian starsystem of the local galaxy.
The difference was, that the Sirian corollary was INTELLIGENCE more so than physical. In particular, the evolving DNA/RNA templates engaged a synchroncity between the physical amphibious lifeforms on Gaia in say magnetic genomatic and epigenetic factors correlated with electric genomatic factors in the nonterrestrial environs.
In simple words, ALL ETs are more ELECTRIC than magnetic and ALL nonhuman terrestrial lifeforms are mor MAGNETIC (instinctual) than electric. Only the human DNA/RNA template harmonises say basic animal instinct with intelligence.
The ETs are Spock-like with a 'lack of emotionality' deriving from that intelligence-instinct interaction also known as rightbrain-leftbarain interaction in stereotypical labelings.

The ET intelligence then began to INTERACT with the evoloing humanoid superarchetype (super because of the electro-magnetic coupling) about 20 million years ago with the evolutionary appearance of Old World Monkeys separated thumb) and the ancestral Apes in the Miocene epoch.

The ET sentience so began to BLEND with the animal instincts so leading to the Hominid Hybrid described above.
This then becomes the meaning of the 'lost Akashic records' of Drunvalo Melchizedek. It is the hybridisation of the Old World Monkey DNA with the ET-DNA.

About 5 million years the Chimpanzee 'split' genetically from the homo sapiens lineage, again 'wiping' the evolving ape lineages from the 'new hominid' one.

Then 26,000 years ago and say 5 such approximate ages beforehand led to the increasing engagement of the T intelligence with the physically evolving homo sapiens archetype.
So very generally, you can say that there are 10 great hominid ages.

1. 234,000 years ago=Homo Erectus to Archaic Homo Sapiens
2. 208,000 years ago=Archaic Homo Sapiens to Homo Heidelbergensis
3. 182,000 years ago=Homo Heidelbergensis to Homo Sapiens
4. 156,000 years ago=Homo Sapiens to Mitochondrial Eve
5. 130,000 years ago=Mitochondrial Eve to PreLemurian
6. 104,000 years ago=PreLemurian to Lemurian
7. 78,000 years ago=Lemurian to PreAtlantean
8. 52,000 years ago=Atlantean=PreAtlantean to Atlantean=Y-chromosomal Adam
9.26,000 years ago=Cro Magnon=Atlantean to Human
10. 0=Now(2012)=Human to StarHuman

I know it must be connected to the change in densities and the quarantine but I don't know how. According to the Thuban records, does this have any connection? I know you hint at what I'm trying to find out. Since you have access to the Thuban Archives, can you please share what you can about this to help me remember?

I sense an unbalanced equation.

You are sensing the 'unbalance' between the PHYSICAL evolution of the Homo sapiens genus as indicated above with its ET interference or genetic infiltration. The ET genetic interference began with Mitochondrial Eve, the genetic female ancestor of all humanity in terms of the physically discernible 'molecular clocks' in terms of the sexually inherited X-chromosome.
The corresponding Y-chromosome on this clock only appears 3 approximate great cycles later or at the 52,000 year ago marker.

This physical DNA fact then correlates with the mythologies of matriarchial cultures predating the present patriarchies in connection to the ET genetic manipulations.

You may or may not want to share the following with the forum: A friend of mine says Planet Earth died 1,200 million years ago due to a huge comet impact. Because of the need to create a Starhuman that would encompass all ET races; an alternate timeline was used with the permission of the Thuban Council to experiment with this "new human concept." They went back in time and prevented the Earth from dying and so humans on Earth lived and evolved always within a hologram. In essence what they created was a Paradoxical Alternate Timeline that has been juxtaposing itself with the Real time of the Universe of no-time side by side in an ever spinning fashion like a huge spiral. What will happen the 21st of Dec 2012 is that these two timelines will merge or better yet the real one will absorb the fake one in this "jump in time" and of time.

The earth did not 'die' 1,200 million years ago, but the eukaryotic lifeforms began to emerge 2,200 million years ago as indicated before.
Otherwise your friend's ideas are pretty much corroberated by the Thuban data base.
The need to create an ET-encompassing starhuman is particularly appropriate.
There are however no alternative timelines. This is often postulated in place of the inherent interdimensionality of the One Universe allowing to be INTERWOVEN in its Higher dimensionality.
Without multiple dimensions, you cannot have the Interdimensionality.
And yes, as for example the McKenna Timeline and the so called 'Looking Glass' remote viewings show, the ONE timeline dominates from the Mayan nexus point and the remote viewing becomes increasingly difficult as closer the time of this nexus point is approached.

This is of course my own understanding of his theory and I give it some validity because in my mind there is no such thing as impossible and also because it explains, at least to me, various concepts that I've seen being exposed to humans recently about their existence - especially in movies: "Star Wars" (the past), "The Matrix" (the present) and "Avatar" (the future) of Earthlings. The absence of life on the surface of the planet and of the actual planet is evident. When the space probe found a "window" near Jupiter or Saturn (don't remember) and turned inwards towards Earth before exiting the solar system, it found no life on Earth. There wasn't even an Earth! How could this be? How silly NASA must've felt when a probe made to study life they know is "out there" found no Earth! Or perhaps it's because this Vortex surrounding Gaia makes it invisible from outside of its perspective? What do the Thubans think of this idea?

The 'window' you mention is simply a mirror reference frame. Instead of 'looking out' one 'looks in'.
So when you look into your bathroom mirror you see yourself as a virtual image say. Now reverse the optics and imagine yourself to BE inside the mirror loooking out.
You will only see the trap of the optical surface mirror from within, as you cannot penetrate your own reality wthin the virtuality or matrix.

As always, in deep gratitude,

I am pleased yo answer your questions.

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