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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Phtha View Post
Fascinating discourse that was!

I have a question about the various 'ages of enlightenment'. Using the Yugas as an example, what would be the cause or the mechanism that changes our 'levels of awareness' so to speak. Was this hard coded within our dna? Or is it due to some sort of Solar or cosmic rayes that effect the mass consciousness? Or perhaps it is more of a 'mundane' reason such as the suppression of knowledge? Obviously on a broader scale it is due to a Divine plan, but I'm just curious as to what the physical mechanism is to carry it out.

And for a somewhat unrelated question, I'm just curious about 5500 year time frame mentioned in the First Book of Adam and Eve from the Apocrypha, as God said this would be the duration of the Fall into matter from the Garden of Eden. Is this based on a cycle of some sort?
Hi Phtah!

To both of your question I have no specific answer, as the reply you are addressing is not Thuban data as say a revision of basic semiotiks, but are simple statements of the common translation of the archetypes by particular and incomplete schools of philosophy (the labels of the Yugas and the apocrypha).

Iow, your take on these data bases are as valid as anything I could assess in alaysis under the criteria of the said material under its own parameters.

Generally so, there are no'rays of enlightenment' from the cosmos or such - there is consciousness activating from a 'hidden library' within. Therefore the 'rays of enlightement' also derive from within and not from without.
Data like the Yuga data or the Thuban data can serve as a trigger for remembrances of the 'data from within' and nothing more.


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