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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by hippihillbobbi View Post
Abraxas --

Thanks for your answers to my last questions ..... and for all your Other Answers to us all as well!

New questions:

1) What do you mean exactly by the following, "Humanity is the focus point of the entire universal evolvement, not just galactic, not just supergalactic, but universal." ? Does this have anything to do with "the whole only being as strong as its weakest part?" Or the fact that this earth/consciousness-shift has been planned for so long by the Logos?

One cannot fault your intuition hippihill.
Yes, the Logos which you may understand as the Intelligence of the Heart of Jesus incarnate; is cosmic as an universal archetype.

The Earth is the focus for the physical manifestation of this Logos.
So Yeshuah the One Logos seeks to 'extend the family of the Logii' in himsherself manifesting as the One in Many.
Doing this will allow the ABBA, the Cosmic Father to for the first time ever in the history of the metaphysical universe (the physical universe is a subset of the metaphysical one) to become a GrandFather.

So the 'One Son of God' is required to have children of his own and those children are the 'Sheep of the Good Shepherd' as encoded and hitherto mistranslated by all 'readers' and 'analysers' of those encodements.

All the 'Sheep' able to recognize the One Logos within themselves, will BECOME Logii of the ABBA themselves and so become able to multiply the One Universe in Multiverses, using however the existing Oneness of the Logos as their own Kernel or Seed.

2) Since the concept of time is "illusionary," does this imply that polarity (good-bad, etc) exists throughout eternity?

As a context for the unity to exist in this is necessary.
The difference is however the KNOWING of the polarity (The Real Knowledge of Good and Evil as encoded) and thePHYSICAL 'Compressed and Concentrated' EXPERIENCING of this polarity.

Gaia, to become the Cosmic Mother of All That Is, took it upon herself to SERVE as the 'collector bottle' for this physical suffering and experiencing, known as the 'Path of a galactic civilisation in selfforgetfulness - a Humanity Lost'.

This is what the Birth of the Baby of the StarHumanity implies.

This birth will end the 'collecting of the bad vibrations say' and reverse the 'collecting sink' or planetary Black Hole into a planetary White Hole as a 'data emitter' releasing all of this collected negativity back into the cosmos just like a 'Horror Movie' which then can be watched by ALL OTHERS. The ETs so will NEVER have to experience physical selfdestructions as experienced by humanity and the Gaian lifeforms; because THEY can 'watch the movies' of Gaian History and LEARN from that how NOT to BE a galactic sentient civilization.

3) Will every soul eventually be reunited with its source .... and if so, what do people mean when they say things like, "they will return to their source as space dust", seeming to imply an inferior state to other ways-of-being "joined to the Creator"?

The 'space dust' simply refers to the mortality of bodyforms and the 'star dust' has become a label for the immortality of the bodyform by certain practitioners of the translators of the cosmic universal archetypes.

Do you think or feel that God will 'chuck' parts of herhis body form away as 'bad' and not belonging?
It is fear mongering and a derivative from the symbols about the 'Last Judgement' of the Logos between the right sheep and the left goats.
This 'Last Judgement' archetype refers to your 'false images' of yourself and not to separate entities or beings.

It is like you put a photo of you on the wall and you 'hate' this picture of you as it does not accentuate your nice pretty looks and say sexy qualities.
So you decide to take another photo of you to replace the one you don't like.
You then chuck the 'old picture' in the 'Lake of Fire and Brimstone' and 'show off' your new picture.

The Unification of yourselfd requires your 'fake selfimage' to be destroyed and this is the meaning of scriptures, when it says: 'Two are in the field; one will be taken and the other will be left behind'.
You are both; you and your shadow say or your yang as the Brimstone and your Yin as the Fire. Your Logos, copied or obtained from the One-Logos will then be the Lake containing BOTH your Yin and yourt Yang fully expressed.
All false images will 'burn forever in the hell' within yourself, as you then have graduated to be the Creator of your own Hell fieryness and your own Heaven icyness. You will become a MasterDevil and a asterAntiDevil subject to your choosings and your One-To-One partnership as an Individuated Logos with the Common Logos, common to All.

4) Is John, the "beloved disciple," truly the author of Revelations?

Yes, he is!

Many thanks, AA!

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