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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post
Abrax, dear friend, thanks for your last reply to my question...and thank you for your patience and devotedness to answer all other questions here. Indeed, the fact that I was allowed to experience and FEEL the concept of the unification few weeks ago, and "the coincidence" with your appearance here on this forum, surely helped me to understand more then ever that:

ALL that is, is within us, and not without. It is I/ME/YOU/WE... that matters.

It's I that need to recognise the Creator within ME, and it is ME that must recognise the Creator within I. It is simple as that!

Indeed it is malletzky - you are developing and emerging a wonderful gnosis.

Many sources, begining with Jesus and his teachings and as last, the concepts of Thuban presented here [and I don't care the labels (many will know what I really want to express here)...but I care the message and how this message resonates within me and with my whole being] trigered many, many hidden truths within my heart in the last 18 years. Not only as a confirmation to what I already "knew"'s more than that.

But it really is that simple...if one would only accept that it is him/her that contains "both sides" of the coins within his/her heart...label it good/bad or light/dark or just...DUALITY. WE ARE BOTH....or better say...I am/we are all.

As said, you've found that the ONLY Real ENEMY is yourself within.

I must say that I feel gratitude to the one that do NOT feel, do NOT see and do NOT experience the way as I do.

I feel gratitude and compassion that YOU (and with YOU, I mean the other almost 7 billion brothers/sisters on this planet) choose some other path...and that I'm allowed to "tap in" in this "field" called human groupmind and feel and experience what YOU do! Without YOU, I would not be perfect...Thank YOU!

This is so profound and one day you will UNDERSTAND a a lot better, what you now FEEL to be your truth.

Unfathomable to most, even here on this forum, is that the so called 'dark ones' are the REAL Lightworkers.
They are the 'Prodigal Sons' for whom the 'parties are thrown', not the faithful servants remaining with the 'Parent' at home doing the 'good deeds' and thinking the 'loving thoughts'.

Why is this the case and why does the scriptures say this too?

It is because the LOST SHEEP as the 'dark ones' CREATE THE CONTEXT for the FOUND SHEEP to EXPRESS their real true nature after completion of a NECESSARY TIMELINE to create the context for the choices individually made.

In other words; the 'lost ones' of the STS 'force the issue' in a maximum polarisation, which so and aonly so can become minimised.

The result will be a New Earth, called the SANCTUARY for the entire universe and cosmic families of intelligences to utilize as a Blueprint for their own planetary environments.

No other ET civilization will ever have to experience PHYSICALLY the havoc the human disharmony was subject to to graduate as such an ARCHETYPICAL Placeholder.

And I don't care which path you've you lie? do you murder? do you love? are you Satan? are you GOD? No matter doesn't matter.
I forgive you to forgive me, I accept you as you it is YOU and what YOU choose to do, be or feel...that makes me entire, it makes me I AM!

with and gratitude

btw, I feel as I am only a "second" away from the bigest "personal enlightenment" ever. Let it BE.
You are doing so well in realising the Creator-Creation monad in the duality contained within yourself.

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