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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Breaks my heart to hear all this here on our beloved Avalon

the saddest thing, as I look out to the once blue sky now covered in white chemtrails, I can't decide which is worse,

To know that the words I want to speak will go through someone else's perspective first and possibly edited to their way of thinking what is acceptable......and what is not....It is a way to keep same old information flowing and the new information kept at bay or not allowed at all.

I don't fault the mods or Bill or it must be the sign of the times working within everyone.

I have not been invited to the new forum even tho I know Ross and Celine personally so I don't know if I believe the way they are choosing the people to invite is accurate from my perspective.....or maybe they do not want me there because of my past affiliation with abraxas.

I have never sent insulting remarks to anyone except one person, which I cleaned up and apologized for months ago

this is all I wanted to say, if it is edited so be it

Please do not invite me to PA2........I believe in free speech and being responsible for the words, or rather swords of Truth, that I put out in the world. I do not need babysitters or someone to gag me, I could not align with the guidelines for the new forum as it is CENSORSHIP its most encompassing and suppressive form and I will not patronize this, or people being put into fear of speaking the Truth by threat of points, being misted or thank you...this is OLD WORLD thinking, not the new world paradigm we are going into

I do love you all as a family and respect the difficult and all consuming job the mods have.....I hope they all remember this...

You are a sovereign human being FIRST with the LABEL of mod, not the other way around


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