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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

I feel like a broken record.... but once again:

This is NOT free speech!!! I pay AT&T $30/month to read this garbage!!

Here are the guidelines for a forum I helped set up about 2 years ago.

You will see in there the words "our place". The "our" refers to both, whoever was there before you joined, and yourself, after.

They are in fact, no different from the ones you will find on 99% of the forums on the net. I just didn't bother kissing anyone's butt with fancy language.

What I do know is, a lot of decent people I enjoy talking to, aren't very available right now, because they are busting their butt to try and make something decent. And for their trouble, they are getting cr@pped on by a lot of clueless people.

To better days, and better company.
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