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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

I think it was Fredkc who somewhere said, that we are guests at this forum.

This remark hit the nail on the head.

We all tend to forget this, but indeed we are guests, & those who 'run' & own this forum, can do with it, as they please.

They can ban, mist, (infract) & warn who- & whenever it suits them.

To those who thought Avalon was a family where they could feel save, it must come as a bitter surprise that they've made a mistake.
Some might even feel betrayed.

But looking at the amount of voters in Greybeards poll-thread, 6500 members really don't give a sh#t about what happens at/with Project Avalon.

n.b. GOPL, I've read your post before it was 'edited'.
People who are looking for trouble usually find it.
Your post was 'not done'.

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