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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

thank you karen

here was how we wished to do the tranition, we invite some folk to try out new site to iron out bugs, give us feed back so that we can sort it out before opening it up to more folk. now we have been doing our best to work and help members register, collect details etc etc.

how many times do we need to say this?

now gopl, i really dont know what to say? we have had a couple of spats of 'smurfs' which we dealt with, and had mods overspilling issues on the forum, which didnt help. now we are doing the best we can, (i got to point where i was thinking of stepping down, but now feel that av2 is to be my focus, whilst this transition phase is happening) what do you want us to do? we are doing all we can! i have a young family that need my attention, and have been working here in avalon around my personal comittments, as much as i can humanly do.

jeez am so sick of this

the guidlines as karen has stated are used all over the net on forums to ensure that folk are respected and the level of posts constuctive. (anyone been to glp? well av2 is not going to be like that!)

i am not a paid disinf agent, i am a mum of 2 who feels very deeply about maintaining a place for people to go, learn, enjoy and hang out.

i really think that some peeps here need to go and enjoy some sunlight, have a walk and put things into perspective, because some are way off the scale in terms of the truth. i find meditation helps

now back to cooking and being with my children

much love to you (and yes i mean it)
m x

cheers peace of mind, i some times wonder what im doing this for
better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace

the way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart

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