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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by 12DnAHelix View Post
Hello Abrax,

Sorry for the delay in getting back over here, I don't think you have seen the 'Opaluminal Simulation' yet; but if your 'Thuban Council' is for real - perhaps you can speak to them in these regards.

Unfortunately for us, you might say, we have severed all relations with the 'Opaluminal Simulation' Group. This was because we know where they resided and our agenda has assimilated this group. We ate them, in a manner of speaking.
Iow, we have swalled their 'group consciousness' and 'Dragonized' them under the etiquettes of Thuban.

They should be able to confirm most of what I speak, if you are legit; and you have a strong connection.

They are ok with their assimilation; their spokesperson has conveyed.

I have absolutely no idea what you mean or are saying in your initial response regarding 'Omicron Draconis'.

You can always do some research on Omicron Draconis, if you wish to know more about this labeling.

But I will re-iterate my initial statement that the Original Stronghold Homeworld of the Grandfather -Winged- Dragons is in the 'Omicroin Draconis' star system.

If anything, Alpha Draconis is a -FRONT-; and an Offshoot - Inquiry your 'COUNCIL'.

Indeed, WE are the front and first contact point between the Prime Source, sitting on his throne as 'The Little Serpent'.

Regarding the 'Voyagers Material'; at least back when I was affiliated with looking into it; I came to the conclusion that 'energetics that do not have the highest interests of the majority can work through highly advanced information as a smokescreen' ... is generally the function of a 'Haze'.

The 'Voyager Material' was assimilated by the Drunvalo emissionaries from OUR perspective and so is no longer of 3rd Order. It is a subset of 3rd Order as 4th Order data in OUR, the Thubanese perspective. The Drunvalo Melchizedek data remains at 3rd Order.

I will take into my heart what you are saying, and see where it takes me; i'd like to see amends made personally.

I saw the 'Opaluminal Simulation' pretty clearly, back in 2005; and it was a 6 universe ~ 36 dimensional structure being spun out of 144000 faceted core.

This semiotiks is appropriate, except the 144,000 facets are 6-dimensional, not 36-dimensional. The 36th dimension only exists in the Riemannian Manifold of Differential Geometry, that is as a 2D mathematical representation of topological connectivity. The physicality in inertial terms cannot exceed 10D and 11D in nononertial (say electromagnetic) terms. 12D becomes a mirrorspace for the lowerDs.

... and actually, supposedly 'Mandala' even contains 2-d cross section view

I can understand the 'trine', it's importance; but that's not quite how I personally have seen it.

Trine to me is Universal Life Force / Inherent Animating Intelligence / Master Key Template of Divinity ...

Your personal experiences are interdimensional and are valid expressions of a deeper archetypological language.
It is your individual interpretation of your experiences, which will often differ from the interpretation of similar experiences of others. All is a unified hologram however; so a universal interpretation and translation of the semantics can be constructed.
Those constructions then give rise to differences of opinions, say Drunvalo versus Anna Hayes versus Thuban etc. etc. Search fo9r encompassment, where the 'versus' disappears in 'viewpoints of relative perceptions' and possible unification.
If you touch the tail of an elephant in the dark, you think it could be a snake.
If you touch the tusk of an elephant in the dark, you think it could be a cow.
If you touch the ear of an elephant in the dark, you think it could be a bat.

When the sun comes up and you see the Elephant you know that it is an elephant - you wern't 'wrong' but underinformed about the 'bigger picture'.

the 'schematic' is clearly at the very least ''semi-visible'' and at the very most; some people can see it perfectly; visionary artists like Alex Grey & Luke Brown (

Regarding the '7' hierarchies, if you know anything; there are 7 sacred / galactic directions , 7 chakras (at least in established 'centuries old tradition').

I have a vague recall about there being 7 chakras. I also have read somewhere that there are 7 raunbow colours, but I might be wrong and there might be 6 or 8.

... the 6 pointed 'shatkona' has an 'invisible' direction 'center', as the 'seed of life' also is composed of 6 outer circles with the one in the center ...

Who told you that?

I believe that we exist within what I would personally call 'Epsilon Space'; which is curved, spheroidal, torsion based ...

Indeed, Thuban physicists term it the Kaluza-Klein deSitter Spacetime in a curved Riemann metric in 5-dimensional hyperspacetime.
Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta-Epsilon, as the fifth, but we don't call it that - you can.

I don't intuit any 'transition'; to me; the conduit is already open and it has been for years now - it has taken many years to start to warm up ...

either synchronize through the heart in alignment with higher mind and receive the download from the core, or be wiped off the face of the earth ...

Yes, we are all story tellers, data collectors and environment perceivers.

is choice humanity has to make, in that choice - assuming 'alignment' is the choice made collectively; the necessary things will begin to unfold from within each - and descend from above ...

If you say so, it has validity for you.

and it has to do with the Long Count aspect of the Calendar and what the Calandar is actually mirror-synching with ...

it is above 'hunab ku' - galactic core center, is omni-dimensional multi-universal core ...

144000 is the master key # (BAKTUN)

Yes, here your ideas converge with the Thuban data.

we have time beyond 2012 as far as I am concerned, out to about 2028 ...

... 'neo-civilization' ...

Of course the Mayan enddate is just a resetting of the Mayan daycount.
Yet, it does something that has not been done before and that is to RECONFIGURE the Quantum-Gauge-Structure of the Universe.
So whilst the 'world' will not end on December 21st, 2012; the 'world' will be a reborn world on December 22nd, 2012.
Physically, things may appear 'almost' the same, but in terms of this 'gauge structure' - well, you'll have to wait and see.


* By download from core, I mean become aligned with the naurally occurring cyclic changes that take place ... galaxial-solar-earth-human relationship, proper use of our understanding ... we are pretty close to the very edge of a very deep and dark chasm - we have been for many many years now .. but there is an invisible plank across it .. is a narrow path though (and it goes through the heart).
Be well on your path Daniel - you have seen the light and you are the light.

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