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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Originally Posted by bigmo View Post
Hi exchanger,

I watched your video and think you did an excellent job for your first time out. I found your voice very soothing and a pleasure to listen too, very good quality. (especially for guys, hmm possible target market)

The content was interesting but I was very distracted by not being able to see your face! I lost my concentration on your words as I struggled to see the expressions you were making. I could tell your expressions were very genuine and I wanted to see then so badly... I bet they were fabulous!

Strut your stuff... your avatar pic is you I believe, so show your beauty for all to see with good lighting. I can't say enough about this.

To get people to react you need 'bullets points' - A,B,C,D THEN CALL 444-444-4444. Modern people need to be motivated in order to act on anything and the key is to find the proper motivation for your target market. Your video must be scripted.

I can provide you some advice on marketing if I had a clearer sense of exactly where you are going with your ideas. The world is the world!

Thank you BigMO, relaunched it, by fixing the colour/and,
figured out how to use 'movie maker' at least
basic movie maker, we will get this right
as, we think, this venue, will allow us,
to get stuff up/and, published

Thanks for your help, you are appreciated/loved & valued
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