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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Originally Posted by xxz
Forgive me for not being considerate enough of your workload.
I certainly hope you can get everything to where you want it to be.

I was very fascinated by what I read.


Originally Posted by eXchanger
yup; i am working on that
(i had to try to update/and, finish my website today)
and, i've got a lot of it, done
(just need to proof read it)
i am doing my 'doctorial' discertations, on my work
and, it has to be catalogued correctly
fortunately i've got others around me,
that know how far back my work goes
so, i got somewhere to link back to
(as, all my information, is likely to get stolen by others)
real-real-real frustrating
and, i am tired - got up a lot of shields
to protect myself from some major attacking in the ethers

i suppose, they don't want the stuff going out there

i need help; someone who can draw diagrams / or something for me

i've got more information, than all the whistleblowers on pa/pc put together

so frustrating ~ it is ~ it set up kerrie/rebecca/and, i on a phone call
and, rebecca runs off with the ball LOL

i've got about 15 emails to post to the board

needed my website done - and, i'm trying todo things on a shoestring
at the end of the month - buying a house alone / isn't a picnic
esp; in a big city / toronto

funny how most - don't post to the board, they send me private emails

and, NO ONE here, supports you - i am considering taking myself/and, my stories
more main stream
~ and launching all my information
off my website - gathering work going back to the 70's isn't easy

also, i have 250 cassettes tapes to convert from cassette; to playable mp3s

that validate all my work love/susan
Why is it, that people with 'real' answers never get any help ???
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